Indecency Surrounding Our Youth Post 9/11

I want to share something that’s disturbing and shows the poor way many children are brought up now a days. The lack of respect from the younger generation in America is sickening. From posting memes poking fun at planes hitting the Twin Towers, to calling the United States a bunch of hypocrites because we bombed Hiroshima & Nagasaki in Japan during World War II, our youth has never before been so uneducated and ignorant.

As a child, I can remember even 50 years after Pearl Harbor, no one in my generation making jokes about that tragic day. Yet, only a little over a decade, teenagers think it’s funny to poke fun at 9/11 for what? So they can get the attention they so desperately need?

What’s even worse is that these children try to spread how horrible we were byScreenshot_2015-12-17-11-51-21-1 dropping the A bomb. They say this without doing any research whatsoever on why we would. I highly doubt many people have heard about the Nanking Massacre that took place late 1937-1938 in China at the hands of the Japanese. More people were killed (tortured and raped) in a six week span by the Japanese military, than casualties from both atomic bombs combined.  These same people also haven’t taught themselves about the Battle of Okinawa, or how fiercely the Japanese fought and mobilized civilians against US forces.

This type of ignorance and lack of respect for history, is what can destroy our country. If we don’t educate our children, who will?


A Small Tidbit

Been a long time everyone, life does that though. I apologize for being away so long, part of the reason is life, while another her part is trying to talk sense into people. Apparently, as I get older, people seem to have less and less sense in America.

I can honestly say the country is in dire straits.  Most everyone believe what the news is telling them, and our elected officals, are too busy making up our minds for us, than helping the country.

One thing in particular that started last year, and has kept me occupied is the Black Lives Matter movement. The media seems to be fueling the fire of division in the country by saying our law enforcement is incompetent, corrupt, and beyond saving. While I could see this from an objective point of view, our law enforcement is not beyond saving.  The fact I am writing this now is enough to point out I am not living in a police state. However, advocates of the Black Lives Matter movement, especially Police the Police & Cop Block, are begining to sound like the Black Panthers, and advocating violence against law enforcement and cops. Having read many articles and seen video of the controversial acts that have taken place, I can tell you that less people are listening to police and forgetting why we have them around. These above pages have made it clear they feel all cops are evil and corrupt, while this is not the case.

This seems to be a reoccurring problem with our country. Dealing in absolutes, like there is no black and white. Saying all cops are evil, is like saying all Germans were Nazis, all Liberals are for excessive gun control, and all Republicans are against abortion. The world isn’t black and white anymore, but people don’t care to listen. Everyone has something to say, but no one cares to take the time to understand the other side of the arguement. And if they do, that get offended and revoke that person’s point of view as complete rubbish, however wrong or right it may be.

Corruption seems to be the order of the year in America, more so on a political level, most recently in regards to the DNC and their obvious favoritism of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. More and more, every year, it seems the average person is kept in the dark and ignored, all so big business and the rich can put in whose best for them. I’m appalled at how many people in this country refuse to see that.

I’ll be sure to write more as I can, but for now I leave you with a legendary quote.

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”