Communisum & Socialism



More and more, todays Americans are living with the same premise used during the Red Scare. This really shouldn’t come as a suprise, as fear of communism has been part of our cultural background for nearly a hundred years. The above meme shows however, how ignorant people are, and what they will believe because they’re simply uneducated.

For one, the most glaring error pictured here is of Hitler. Hitler was not communist, or a socialist. True, the true meaning behind the Nazi party at first (listed as NSDAP) was of a Socialist German Workers Party. Hitler however, never believed in socialism, and had Social Democrats and Communists killed alike in the 1930s. Political prisoners were the first to be sent to concentration camps in the early 1930s.

Secondly, Joseph Stalin, was a staunch Communist Dictator whom like Hitler, purged his own ranks. Though Hitler’s Nazi Party was extreme right, while Communisum is extreme left. The same can be said of Mao, a communist, not a socialist. Both China and the USSR had/have strong Communist government’s, though they’re not true Communist government’s according to Karl Marx. That step has never been achieved.

So what’s the difference? Socialism is an economic system, for the people, but run with less political influence than a Communist nation. The USSR was a Communist country, Communist China started out much like a Communist nation. Yet, unlike the USSR, China moved to a socialist economy. In fact, the United States has socialist programs to benefit the people and complement our economy. Ever hear of Medicare Medicaid or Unemployment? Obamacare is a Socialist program, though one I do not fully support. Political freedoms are allowed in a Socialist nation, they are not in a Communist nation.

The following article does a great job in separating the two. The citizens of this country need to realize socialism can be a good thing if executed properly. Yet, our government is run by big business, meaning they’ll do anything to prevent the populace from forming a more socialist economy, including indoctrination. Makes sense as to why we need to get big business out of our political system doesn’t it?


Propaganda Is Candy

Screenshot_2016-01-15-12-36-45-1.pngIt’s no secret that all political parties use propaganda and yellow journalism to promote their agenda. But, when is it too far? I post an image here of a classic war song which came out nearly 100 years ago. I song that deep in its meaning, promotes the desire to bring war to our nation’s enemies. This song was immensly popular for our entry in World War I.

Fast forward to yesterday, when we have three little girls dancing and singing to a quite horrible rendition of this song. Poorly substituted lyrics with words that subliminally bring the masses watching to believe in the Trump campaign. Here is a link to the video:

The “Freedom Kids” pictured are used as both an innocent and patriotic symbol of country. The problem you ask? Using kids as a symbol in regards to political campaigning, so that anyone who disagrees, is displayed as unpatriotic, cold hearted, or willing to “rape” America. Shame on you Trump. Using an image of America for your own materialistic gain like a propaganda tool reminiscent of North Korea. Spewing “USA, USA, USA” is a helping of ignorance to your sheeple of followers who don’t know any better. What’s worse are the supporters that believe this crap and are falling for this pretty well thought out trickery. It’s one thing to love ones country, but quite another to use ones patriotism as a weapon with an agenda aimed at disproving opposition. We are not marching to war. Or are we? More and more, Trump’s campaign is coming across like a political tirade executed along the lines of Hitlers Nazi Party.

Ask a Trump supporter if they care people will leave this nation if he becomes president. Their response will most likely be “Good, just leave then”. Didn’t Hitler say the same about the Jews and other undesirables during his rise to power?

George M. Cohen must be rolling in his grave now.