Deteriorating Education

STEM_pisaIt’s not a secret our country has been lagging behind in terms of education. In fact, our nation has been for the past 3 years, steadily declining. Our tests scores as in the 1990s were across the board, in the top ten worldwide. Today, in Math & Science, we are closer to the 20th position. But what is the cause? Well there are many in my opinion, but this example here is one major contributor: Ignorance amongst the older populace. The attached thread below is in regards to a propaganda post titled “The Cheese Aint Free” calling out Bernie Sanders campaign.

The problem with this reply? The utter lack of self thought on the part of the guy calling Bernie Sanders a communist. What’s even more of a joke is the fact that instead of providing an arguement in regards to his side, he resorts to petty insults and tells people to “go to Cuba” Shouldn’t the older generation be smarter that the younger?

Note: Facebook appears to have deleted one of my comments situated after the “Buy a plane ticket to Cuba” line (So much for free speech). The line is as follows:

“That’s it? That’s your response? Someone gives you a logical arguement just becsuse they know what their talkong about, and you tell them to leave the country? Lol You’re pathetic.”

Remember folks, if you want to make someone angry who hates Socialism, bring up their Medicare contributions. No one has an answer for that today.