My friends, it has become blantantly apparent, more than ever before, the direction this nation is heading in. The amount of discontent and discourse in this nation is appalling. Are we to sit down and do nothing? Are we to watch as lawmakers and business men control our lives and ignore us as if we are nothing?

No. This is not what our forefathers felt when they enacted The Declaration of Independence. No, this is not what they had in mind when our Constitution was written. Our forefathers wanted more, they believed in more, and we should too. It is our right, as citizens of the United States, to speak up when we feel we are not being listened to. Lied to. Ignored and belittled. This is why I have decided to put forth my own writings, reminiscent of what our forefathers would have written and done. This project: The United Socialist Act.

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This banner should represent all too familiar, the struggle of our working class. The struggle of the average American citizen. It should speak volumes for what we fought for, in our independence from Imperial rule. Today, we are nearly no different. The taxation without representation clause has more than ever, become apparent. As before, we had no say under foreign rule, and now, under our own government that has continuously demonstrated its desire to breed and embrace corruption over the people, today we are in the same type of situation. A situation that speaks to the American people that you must pay your taxes, you must obey our laws, but your vote may not be counted. That behind the scenes, your vote is tallied differently than what you’ve submitted. This, frankly, is wrong.

The only thing we can do, that we must do, is march. March and demonstrate to these select few. These, aristocratic tyrants that want more and more until they are stuffed. And still, pressure the ordinary worker for more, to feed their budgets.

This should infuriate the average American. Indeed, as I say these words, I am infuriated, but not at country. Not at our forefathers, not at the system. But rather, those that are in charge. Those that once every two, or four years, those that make it seem they are in office for our interests, and more often than not, fail to represent the views of their people. On a town, city, country, state, and federal level.

Our forefathers would be sick to see what has happened to this country they founded. There are veterans out there, veterans of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam that are perplexed as to what has happened to this great nation. Citizens that are subjected to yellow journalism on a constant basis. Media which spews toxic rhetoric which forces the intelligent American to get their news from foreign sources. How can we live in a country, and expect to be living in a fair society, when day after day the media, owned by corporate bureaucrats preaches slanted and biased news to the masses? The answer, which should seem obvious, is that you can’t. Yet, this is exactly what has been happening in the nation. Continued badgering to keep us aligned politically, between Democrats & Republicans, while shutting out politically, all other parties which exist as being, too extreme. One party may be too left, that they are slandered on and called Communistic, which is what the schools have indoctrinated the populace with. Another party, might be considered too right, bordering on Nazisum, in which case the comparisons to Nazi Ideology awaken and come forth. Thus, these views are outright slandered and badgered by a media who wants to keep the current quarrel intact. And why shouldn’t they? Let’s take a look who owns this media. Who owns the corporations. It’s simple really, the bureaucrat. The owner of the media organization, who might I add, also is more than likely receiving tons of dollars from politicians who want a certain message displayed for the public to see. A certain image of a story, and no, I am not talking about political commercials or advertising. I refer more towards our daily news. In fact, it is likely that these big business man and woman also have a hand in our political system, delegates wise. Either physically or monetarily.

This country is tearing itself apart. All the while, the higher ups reap the benefits. True, there will always be discontent amongst the people. Some, not all. But when 3/5ths of the nation is fed up with the style of our government and the direction of our nation it is time for a change.

We are considered the laughing stock of this world. While we may be one of the richest countries in the world, our debt is sky high. Our educational scores have decreased nearly every year for the past 15 years. Violence in the form of racism and political gain has only increased since the 1970s. The nation has become more divided over time, as exemplified during our nations elections. Our elected members are potentially by products of possible tampered polls. We’ve wasted millions and millions of dollars on a failed drug war. Immigration has become a bigger problem than we ever thought it would. The federal minimum wage hasn’t been raised in over a decade, while the cost of living has increased. The right to bear arms is now in question. Woman looked at as not worth their weight even if they do the same job a man does. Veterans are returning home and not recieving the help they need. We’ve succeeded in creating a health care system, that seeks to fine those that refuse the choice of government sponsored and corporate sponsored healthcare. Giant corporations are outsourcing jobs and skirting our tax system, and getting away with it!

With all these problems, it may seem that our whole political system needs to be replaced. Let me be clear, when I say this is far from the case. Further, it is the corporations and their constant dabbling in our political system, that needs to be corrected. Corporate buyouts and political corruption plague the system, and have in effect, aimed to warp our system to the point where it has become nearly broken.

But when is enough enough? When do we, as Americans, fight back? We do we begin to unify ourselves, and fight the divisions brought before us? When do we stand up and say no? I fear that we cannot wait any longer, for the downward spiral of our nation has only accelerated. We see it today. Delegation which throws its weight behind a candidate who has questionable acts under her belt. All to favor her because she has the connections necessary to run her campaign. News outlets, cronies in Washington, and even political allies who try to push agenda to sway public opinion. This year’s nominees have created a joke and mocked the system, whether they have wanted to or not.

The same can be said for the opposition. A slew of candidates reeking of the stench of capitalist greed. Men who all preach to the masses what people want to hear, change, yet that change will likely do more harm than good. Change they promise, which will continue to bring our nation further down the ladder towards revolution, civil war, or worse. Bigotry and hatred spread like wild fire to a society intellectually starved and ignored.

So what is an intelligent citizen to do? As stated before, our forefathers would see our current predicament deplorable. And justly so. When those that govern and hold power, no longer speak for the will of the people, it’s time to take action. It’s time to voice our opinions. It’s time to make ourselves heard. That is what the purpose of this is. We should not, shall not, and will not be silenced!

It is way easier said than done. Every step of the way, these upper class gloats will block every attempt against them. It will start subtly, with talk, hate speech, words to sway public opinion. They’ll use the media. As the amount of voices that cry out however increase, they will resort to more extreme methods. Violence in terms of their militia, kidnappings, and ultimately killings of those whom they consider too dangerous. These are the people in power, and like any power struggle, they won’t let go of their power so easily. Which is why the determination necessary for making ourselves heard must be never ending. Must be greater than their resolve to shut us up, to silence us.

We must not hide who we are. We are Americans. We are the voters, each and every one of us makes a difference. We must never forget this. A much worse fate awaits all who sit and do nothing. That is the worst injustice, to do nothing while we slowly sacrifice the futures of our children and their children. This country was founded on the premise that if you become an American citizen and work hard, you should be able to live your life as you want to. Without infringement, without persecution.

We need to stand together. To rise up and say, we want our voices to be heard. We the people. We can only bring this country back on track together.

I refuse to stay silent, do you?


The Degeneration of American Society


FB_IMG_1457620085664I remember as a kid, some twenty plus years ago, our nation being especially different. Sure there was violence and bad behavior, but as The Greatest Generation has largely passed away, the behavior of our youth has become more and more deplorable.

The above photo is from a music video showing a “thug” executing an officer. What the hell is wrong with these people? These “gangsters”? This is absolutely appalling and rediculous. As American citizens, everyone should be outraged.

That said, these lowlife trash bags need to be taught a lesson. These degenerates that think they can push their agenda without repercussion. These artists and record labels should be banned and fined respectively.

Furthermore, these “victims” need to be shipped overseas to experience hardship first hand. It’s not enough they have to leech off the hard working American, now they have to cause trouble. If they want to cause problems so bad, I’m sure a one way plane ticket towards the Middle East will be sufficient. There they can cause all the trouble they want.

It’s time to audit our police forces. Further, it’s time to appreciate law enforcement, and report lowlife media, such as this, to an organization that will put these people in their place.

Fifty years of affirmative action was a good idea, but now, nobody is a victim anymore. These riots are from youth that have been raised in a much better time than their parents and grandparents. It’s time for them to shut up, and accept the responsibilities of life and the real world. Frankly, it’s time for them to grow up.


The Truth About Anne Davis

Most people probably don’t know who Anne Davis was, even though the past day has been a cluster in terms of her death. If that doesn’t ring a bell, well here’s the answer, Anne Davis was the original name of Nancy Reagan. This is a story of what the press won’t tell you.


Anne Davis, was a Hollywood actress whom before she met Ronald, was known by a different name. The Hollywood industry, like it did with so many other actors, was influential in the change of her name from Anne to Nancy. In addition, she had quite a reputation. Throughout Hollywood, she was also known as Blow job Nancy. Need I say more?

Certainly, this is far from all. Upon Ronald’s election as President in 1981, Nancy decided to renovate and redecorate the White House. Seems harmless, until you take into account the fact the White House was renovated during the late 1960s, and the nation’s economy was at a low point. Did I mention she even needed to buy new china? Yes, the plates of the White House are more important than the over 8% unemployment this nation was going through. Priorities people.

It gets better. During the Iran-Contra scandal, Ronald Reagan was asked on live television what the United States was going to do to help solve the problem. His response? A reiteration of Nancy’s muttering under her breath. “Anything we can.”

After the assassination attempt on her husband, Nancy began to fly the coop. She began to consult her astrological advisors on all matters concerning her husband. Including transportation arrangements and his political schedule. Let’s not forget that she also had to wear all the latest fashions, as if she were a Jacklyn Kennedy. All the while, our countries poor population was growing.

In the 1980s, the AIDs epidemic was making itself more and more known. Nancy did nothing to address the issue, effectively turning her back on thousands of Americans.

Last, but certainly not least, the failed “Just Say No” drug campaign. I went to Spectre & Dare as a child. While the idea behind these programs was to stop drugs, they were in essence counter productive. These campaigns did nothing other than raise awareness there were drugs available and expend excessive tax dollars in programs and in our prisons.

Our economy was the worst since the Great Depression, while “The Queen” lived as she pleased. Rude and crude was the order of the day for these old thinkers, some of which still influence our culture today. Next time you see a post commemorating Nancy Reagan, ask, What good did she do? ¬†You will find that there’s alot of the opposite instead.

Alas, we say goodbye to another of the useless old world thinkers.


Taxation Without Representation

Screenshot_2016-03-02-08-37-48-1The title of this article really says it all. It was a common phrase used in the 1760s in regards to the occupation of the British Empire on colonial interests. Yet, more and more 250 years later, here we are back to square one.

Only now it’s worse. People don’t do their research. The press is paid off to slant public opinion, all to keep the people stupid. I honestly feel I’m talking to a brick wall sometimes when I talk with people. People that don’t have any justification for their arguements, yet think they know everything. America is becoming more and more ignorant everyday.

But who cares? Who has the time? Who even sees what is happening to our once great nation? Our democracy is a precious thing, yet as time goes on, the “is” has neared the trend of “was”. Americans have for too long taken for granted the benefits of this nation. They’ve habitually existed in society not noticing how much this nation has changed, especially the last twenty-five years. More and more our foreign policy has been to preserve our “assets”, not for our “way of life”.

And what assets are these? To what end are American lives expended? It’s simple; money. The well being of corporations and their rich counterparts. It’s why we went into Vietnam, it’s why we went into Iraq. Sure Communisum and Terrorism are great justifications for our cause. Yet, when is enough enough? When is it too much?

The smart citizens of this country know that which I speak of. They know the path we are headed towards. Perhaps it is up to us to educate the rest of the masses who have been subdued and indoctrinated by our media. Within a matter of weeks, it’s apparent the height of our corporate ignorance as a nation will be at the helm of the GOP. It seems his vehement way of speaking of others is more important than the issues of this country. He talks of war and emigration as if he’s a veteran himself. This man, who may I add has never had to work a twelve hour shift, who has never known hunger, this man is the man whom all the press points too. A corporate billionaire more concerned with his net worth, than the welfare of the American people. Yet, he will campaign and preach what the masses want to hear. White supremacist remarks on how all minorities are ruining our nation. A campaign of hate, easily applying to the primitive instincts of our nation’s populace.

Yet, the DNC cares only for its own political and monetary gain. Throwing it’s weight behind a candidate who has a plethora of scandalous activity which the GOP can easily use as ammo. Furthermore, the cronies whom are steering the Democratic committee are swaying public opinion by using Super Delegates to throw their weight behind Hillary. Even though Sanders is only about a hundred delegates behind as shown in the above graph. And the press, backed by the financial strength of these bureaucratic pigs, taints the objective opinion of the Democratic voter, by constantly pushing these messages. Messages to sway more voters over to the Clinton machine, taking the power of choice out of the hands of the people.

This is the problem. Who cares enough to notice? Cares enough to vote with their own educated opinion anymore? Whose willing to be subdued by propaganda and biased opinions from our press?

Do your homework people! Research all the candidates, not just the ones the press tells you to vote for. Get out there and keep voting, with your own opinion and will. Now, more than ever, there may not be an America left to vote for, if these corporate institutions get their way once again!