The Truth About Anne Davis

Most people probably don’t know who Anne Davis was, even though the past day has been a cluster in terms of her death. If that doesn’t ring a bell, well here’s the answer, Anne Davis was the original name of Nancy Reagan. This is a story of what the press won’t tell you.


Anne Davis, was a Hollywood actress whom before she met Ronald, was known by a different name. The Hollywood industry, like it did with so many other actors, was influential in the change of her name from Anne to Nancy. In addition, she had quite a reputation. Throughout Hollywood, she was also known as Blow job Nancy. Need I say more?

Certainly, this is far from all. Upon Ronald’s election as President in 1981, Nancy decided to renovate and redecorate the White House. Seems harmless, until you take into account the fact the White House was renovated during the late 1960s, and the nation’s economy was at a low point. Did I mention she even needed to buy new china? Yes, the plates of the White House are more important than the over 8% unemployment this nation was going through. Priorities people.

It gets better. During the Iran-Contra scandal, Ronald Reagan was asked on live television what the United States was going to do to help solve the problem. His response? A reiteration of Nancy’s muttering under her breath. “Anything we can.”

After the assassination attempt on her husband, Nancy began to fly the coop. She began to consult her astrological advisors on all matters concerning her husband. Including transportation arrangements and his political schedule. Let’s not forget that she also had to wear all the latest fashions, as if she were a Jacklyn Kennedy. All the while, our countries poor population was growing.

In the 1980s, the AIDs epidemic was making itself more and more known. Nancy did nothing to address the issue, effectively turning her back on thousands of Americans.

Last, but certainly not least, the failed “Just Say No” drug campaign. I went to Spectre & Dare as a child. While the idea behind these programs was to stop drugs, they were in essence counter productive. These campaigns did nothing other than raise awareness there were drugs available and expend excessive tax dollars in programs and in our prisons.

Our economy was the worst since the Great Depression, while “The Queen” lived as she pleased. Rude and crude was the order of the day for these old thinkers, some of which still influence our culture today. Next time you see a post commemorating Nancy Reagan, ask, What good did she do?  You will find that there’s alot of the opposite instead.

Alas, we say goodbye to another of the useless old world thinkers.


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