Together We Stand


When the government fails to represent the interests of the people, the people must stand up against the government.

As we draw closer to the final primaries, and the convention in July, we are seeing something rather extraordinary. The 2016 political landscape in the United States can list many words on its resume. Some words that come to mind are unusual, incredible, appalling, mind-boggling, eye-opening, outrage, comical, desperation, deception, allegation, corruption, and unbelievable, among others.  The main factor behind this, is in truth, the emerging younger generation. A generation which is tired of the same monotonous flow that has infected our society for over half a century now…

It is no small accomplishment, that Bernie Sanders has been immensely successful recruiting millions of young voters into his circle. Senator Sanders is smart enough to know that the political movement we are witnessing now is way more than just one man. It is also something not seen similarly in this country, perhaps since our own independance from Great Britain. It is certainty not a movement that comes around every year, and we all know it.

Win, lose, or draw, Bernie Sanders and the army of Democratic Socialists behind him, have changed everything forever. The more the movement, or revolution continues, the more of a lasting impact it will leave for future generations.

Just this past weekend, Bernie Sanders once again shattered records. On his own anniversary, the candidate drew tens of thousands of young voters in not one, not two, but three different rallies! All in one day. Then, yesterday, Oakland had a record breaking showing, with over 60,000 people crowding the main square for a chance to see the Democratic Socialist. How many political candidates do you know can clog streets all around a square full of people? Even in his best rallies, Barack Obama could only muster about 30,000 people in his 2008 presidential campaign.

Bernie doubled that. Everyday, the rallies keep getting bigger and bigger, while the news continues to stay silent. Yet, the truth is out there, and everyday, more and more of us are taking notice.

The American people are slowly becoming more and more aware of a government that refuses to tell us the truth. Refuses to keep us informed. A government that prefers politicians who show their true colors, when asked to debate on national television. True paper tigers, one who can’t keep her word for a fourth debate, and is now running back to California to prevent a slaughter to her campaign. Another, a bureaucrat, who has a big mouth to accept a challenge, and then makes excuses to hide the fact he’s a coward. To top it all off, even when the scales are tipped in their favor, they still refuse out of simple fear. Fear they will be found out. The fact is, these bags of wind have already been exposed. The gig is up. They’re both the same.

Clinton and Trump are afraid, and they should be. The populace of this nation is through with the favoritism geared towards the rich and their corporations, which have taken advantage of the good hard working American for decades now. They should be scared, of the millions of young voters out there, with no loyalty to either the Democratic or Republican parties. Two parties no longer serving the people. Not to mention nearly half the voting populace is registered as Independents, a number growing everyday.

We are the very people who will be in control, as the older generations come to pass. It will be us who will guide this country, and make it a nation for more than two corrupt political parties.

Can you hear it? We the people, are coming. We are coming together, to work as one. Something the establishment is very afraid of. We are coming for our jobs, we are coming for our futures and the futures of our children. We are coming for equal rights and pay. Coming for our pensions and medical coverage. We are coming, for the very thing the US Constitution has promised for us. We are fighting for our freedoms, our livelihoods, our rights. Alas, we will win.

The press and their friends can twist the news all they want, but the truth is out there. The establishment can rig all the elections they want, but it won’t change the fact that more people voted against an oligarchy, than for it. The politicians in Washington can insult us all they want, yet we will still support our candidate. The DNC can ignore our voices, but it is our voices that will be heard, and that the pages of history will remember.

We will together, as one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all; will make America the land of the people.

This is exactly what the establishment is afraid of. They can’t deal with it. Strength in numbers. We are the ones with real power. Why do you think they have tried to keep us divided for so long?

The time has ended for silence, and everyday more and more people are waking up and noticing. This change is much bigger than this election. It is the story of the people of this nation coming together to say no to the corrupt officials in charge. To put an end to it. This is the movement Bernie Sanders has started. This is the movement that has changed everything.

Even if the worst happens, the masses involved in the political process now are huge, and frankly, are unprecedented. The millions of us that are now a part of this great struggle are just the beginning of what is to come. It will be our majority that will eventually take the reins. It is only a matter of time.

The people have spoken. We will not be silenced. We will keep fighting. If the establishment tries to silence us, we will speak louder. If the bureaucracy keeps pushing, we will push harder. It is our jobs to always remember this, and to always remind those beside us that our cause is winnable, and will not be in vain. We will win, together.

As sure as a steady march down Main Street America. As sure as the wind. We are coming.

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We are coming for you.


Yes, Bernie Can Win The Presidency


Don’t let the mainstream media keep lying to you, there is still a path to the Democratic nomination, and the Presidency, for Senator Bernie Sanders.

The battle for the Democratic nomination is coming upon its last few contests, while poll after poll continues to show Bernie Sanders doing better than Hillary over Trump. Rallies for Hillary Clinton are barely squeaking by the one to two thousand mark, while Bernie Sanders has had crowds this past week and a half, number around 20,000 people, if not more. Bernie’s campaign is now consistently bringing in the same level of people, if not more people, than Obama’s 2008 Presidential run.

We all know Bernie would defeat Trump, in a fair election, by a decent margin no less than 5% nationwide. Some polls have Bernie ahead of Trump of upwards of 12%. This article is not to question if a Bernie/Trump face off would be a win for Bernie, because it would. More so, this article hypothetically discusses if Bernie Sanders could win as a third party candidate, if he did not get the nomination. This is something in and of itself which may not be possible, due to a small law called, The Sore Losers Law. The Sore Losers Law does not restrict write-in ballots however. The data below exemplifies why the #BernieorBust campaign is so important.

Here are the numbers below:


153 million voters were estimated to be registered voters in 2013. We will go with the assumption of high voter turnout of 133 million like the 2012 election.

Multiple sources have cited that anywhere from 40-45% of the registered voters in this country are registered as Independents. If we use 42% as the baseline we get the following figure:

0.42 x 133,000,000=55,860,000 Independents

Since both the Republican & Democratic Parties share the last 58% roughly equally, we will split this as 29% for each party. Here is the breakdown:

0.58 x 133,000,000= 77,140,000 Democratic & Republican voters.

Divide that number by two:

38,570,000 voters for each party

Each candidate with each party has varying success. With these figures on voters per party, we can safety assume based on other polls during primaries, the following conclusions:

Donald Trump:

Republicans- 79% (30,470,300 votes)
Independents-20% (11,172,000 votes)
Democrats- 2% (771,400 votes)

Hillary Clinton:

Republicans-11% (4,242,700 votes)
Independents-12% (6,703,200 votes)
Democrats- 63% (24,299,100 votes)

Bernie Sanders-

Republicans-4% (1,542,800 votes)
Independents- 62% (34,633,200 votes)
Democrats- 31% (11,956,700 votes)

It’s important to mention, that none of these figures equal 100% per party, as Jill Stein, and other party leaders will be running in the election capturing roughly 5% of the total popular vote.

Since Bernie does exceptionally well, popular vote wise, Bernie would be the clear winner. We all know however, that the popular vote is not what wins elections. In addition, Bernie would have to register as an Independent candidate to run based on these figures (eight states do not allow for write-ins, granted these states are primarily in the south, where Trump would do well).

Here are the totals for the three candidates:

Bernie Sanders- 48,132,700 votes (36.2%)
Donald Trump- 42,413,700 votes (31.9%)
Hillary Clinton- 35,245,000 votes (26.5%)

Total- 125,791,400 votes or 94.58%

This leaves over 5.4% for other candidates, of which I’m sure half would go to Jill Stein.

The likelihood of these three candidates running for the November general election is debatable. With the proper traction the Sanders campaign has, it is a possibility that Bernie can win. Add the unfavorably of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and you have a good part of the Independent voting populace backing Bernie Sanders.  Keep in mind, these numbers are based off of whether or not an equal or similar percentage of voters for each party stated above, come out to vote.

The point is, even aside from the nomination, there is a chance, even with write-in ballots, or if Bernie can find a way to run third party.

Never give up. Never surrender.


How Hillary Clinton Just Lost The Presidency


The DNC can not face the facts, and the longer they refuse to face them, the worse it gets. In the lastest episode of the 2016 Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton went on record to say “There is no way I am losing” the Democratic Nomination, further adding that she will not participate in a California debate against Bernie Sanders.

In this newest chapter of the fiasco which has become the Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton has offically doomed her campaign. It’s aside from the blantant lies she has misguided the American people with. It’s aside from the Benghazi and Clinton Foundation allegations, among other scandals which have plagued her campaign. It’s even aside from the false accusations that Bernie’s supporters are violent crowds threatening the entire party. Furthermore, it is even beyond now, the total lack of respect Hillary has displayed to millions of American voters nation wide, by essentially remarking their votes no longer matter, by saying she is assured the Democratic Nomination.

It goes further than that, particularly towards the constant facts that she is rapidly fading in the polls to a man whom is running a hate campaign. The American people are only getting more and more outraged everytime she opens her mouth. Safe to say, the more she talks, the more even corporate media journalists are starting to call her out recently. Shocking to say the least, seeing as the media is still trying to do a blackout on the masses the Sanders campaign is gathering.

The actions of Hillary Clinton are similar to those of a child who is desperate to end a game of chess due to time constraints, while their opponent has positioned their pieces well to take the victory. The complete lack of respect from a candidate who is campaigning for votes, but essentially telling millions of voters in NJ, CA, ND, SD, Puerto Rico, and others their vote no longer matters, is astonishing. This type of behavior is what will easily give Trump a Presidency in November.

There are three main factors which have all but sealed Hillary’s loss:

Half the Democratic Party has been alienated due to the actions of the DNC and Wasserman-Schultz, along with the media ignoring Bernie Sanders and spreading lies about violence. That number is only growing. The #BernieOrBust movement is real, thousands of registered Democrats will not vote for her. The people have made this completely clear, but somehow Clinton supporters don’t believe it.

Second, Trump does better than Hillary in every poll and is only improving while she gets worse. He has also been a bit more quiet recently, which might be working his benefit. Bernie on the other hand gets wider margins with Trump, and beats him everytime. Might I also add, Sanders is steadily improving.

Third, there are over 40% of the registered voters in this country listed as Independents. Independents do not do well with Hillary at all, in fact, they do better with Trump. To support that claim, Hillary has “won” all closed primaries in the country where independents can’t vote in the primary aside from Oregon. Kentucky has had complaints of voter fraud, and she barely won that too. She’s been doing worse and worse in the primaries and the cheating is becoming more and more evident.

Meanwhile, the more hot air escapes from the media and Clinton campaign, the more loyal Sanders supporters are. Donations are pouring in as Sanders supporters are continuing to aggressively fund his campaign due to the agitation caused by the Clinton camp. In one day in May alone, the Sanders campaign received one million in donations, and many supporters have stated their goal is a fifty million month. Let’s not forget, this is the same campaign which raised upwards of forty million in a month fairly recently, and set multiple campaign records.

The people have spoken, they do not want Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Her chances of this, regardless of what she says, are becoming more and more negotiable everyday. The DNC has itself to blame for the mass exodus that is likely possible from the Democratic Party later this year. The point of no return has already been passed. It was passed in Nevada this past weekend. Some could say it was past when the NY Primary was the victim of massive voter suppression. In either case, for Hillary Clinton, it is too late. Her campaign has taken too much damage from Trump and herself, by refusing to face facts and portraying arrogance on the same level as a dictator. The American people do not want, nor need a President self absorbed in themselves and their corporate agenda.

Time is up.




Yesterday, we witnessed the fifth state, at minimum, fall to the Clinton campaign with evidence of voter fraud & suppression (New York, Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania being the other four). What is worse is the blantant lies mainstream media has been flying out the door, conveniently on a primary day, to once again attempt to sway public opinion away from Senator Sanders. Talks about violence and threats in Nevada.

It starts off with the same old games. In 2008, Obama lost to Hillary in Kentucky by over twenty points. Though the final votes are still being tallied, it appears to the naked eye Hillary has barely squeaked in a win with a less than 1% victory. Naturally, in a closed primary, this alone is a victory for Senator Sanders as Kentucky was considered a hot spot for Hillary. Yet, this is not the full story.

Facebook lit up with numerous complaints of how once again, voter registrations were illegally changed. Some polls had closed earlier than previously listed, even with people standing in line outside five minutes before the poll closing time. These two examples alone could make up thousands of votes which could have likely swayed Kentucky to the Sanders column. Again, there is still more to it than that.

With our corporate conglomerate newspaper agencies wholly backing Hillary, they began as they always do, updating the poll numbers in Kentucky throughout the night. For the most part, these numbers were coming in consistently, with Sanders generally leading most of the night. By the time the precincts reporting had gone well over 90%, it looked as though Bernie Sanders had once again battled back from a deficit and had a thousand vote lead over Hillary.


And then, something wondrous happened. The poll stopped. Not for a minute or two as it had the two hours before, but for nearly ten minutes. Ten minutes! How much can change in ten minutes in a news station? Apparently alot…


But then, even that changed….


Almost as fast as the previous update, suddenly 4% more precincts report and we have a jump of 30 thousand votes which show Hillary clearly ahead. However, this isn’t even over yet, and we are about five minutes after we have seen Bernie leading with 95% of the precincts in…


Suddenly the numbers go back down, and for over TWO minutes the broadcasters, including Wolf Blitzer, completely ignore the fact. Here is so more proof below, with timestamp:



After ignoring the fact that votes were decreased, finally minutes later, Wolf Blitzer announces what happened. A “disappearance” of Pike County, which might I add was favorable to Bernie Sanders in the state.

Disappearance huh? Yeah right…. at what moment do we finally stop watching these new agencies? The sooner, the better.

This might I remind everyone, comes a mere few weeks after Kentucky, California, and New Jersey had their extensive polls declined by the big media broadcasting companies. For those who don’t know, exit polls have a high rate of detecting voter fraud. What are they hiding? The answer should be obvious now.

And as for coincidence…

I don’t believe in coincidence.


A Word Regarding Protests


This past weekend, our Democratic process took a turn for the worst when the chair of Nevada effectively nullified the voices of thousands of Bernie supporters. Trying to push for a notion, that state delegates for the Sanders campaign were not valid for the event, Roberta Lange proceeded to call a vote which, regardless of opposition, was approved by her as both non negotiable and final. Effectively fulfilling her role as judge, jury, and executioner. This recent act allowed Hillary to once again steal delegates from the Sanders campaign which has left alot of people outraged.

And outraged they should be. In fact, these recent events the last few months have called for outrage and disapproval for anyone supporting Bernie Sanders in his presidential run. However, how long until that outrage turns to violence? That is the question the media is trying to push to make all Sanders supporters look infantile.

This is where it becomes important to not resort to violence. Many of us are angry, and we have every right to be. However, being violent only gives the media something to feed on, and you better believe they will use every bit of footage to their benefit.

So far, rallies for the Sanders campaign have gone well, and the recent Nevada convention didn’t have any clear marks of violence. Yet, when tempers run high, violent acts can occur, and the image of the Bernie Sanders campaign will most likely be tarnished beyond repair with the veil of lies the corporate media has mastered. We have to remain mature before and during the convention.

The political landscape is and will remain hostile. This is expected. Riots and destruction are candy for those in power. We must remain peaceful in our approach. That way, should those up in power choose to use physical force, the act will not be justified. The integrity of our candidate depends on how we present ourselves.

Some of the greatest and most influential leaders, Martin Luther King Jr & Mahatma Ghandi, did not succeed in their goals through violence. They had sit ins, peaceful marches, and speeches. That there, gave nothing to the forces they were fighting against, any justifiable leverage to be used against them.

No doubt, we are confronting the establishment. They are corrupt, wealthy, and drunk with power. They think they are impervious. It is our job to ensure they are mistaken. The establishment would like nothing better than to use force to crush our movement. Things can get ugly, but a well organized non-violent opposition, is key to enlist others to aid our cause.

I’ll leave you with this, a line from John Lennon.



Fifty Years of Suppression


The media won’t have you believe it, but something unprecedented has started to happen. The American people are waking up, and we are angry and determined to win.

As the corporate media continues their war against Bernie Sanders, more and more people are uniting with the Democratic candidate. A true progressive, Senator Sanders in just one year, has achieved the impossible. He has won the hearts of millions of Americans, and more world wide. Stunning the upper class by raising nearly as much money, if not out funding, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and he’s done it without any major corporation behind him.

Bernie Sanders truly is a man of the people, but I’m sure many out there are asking, what has caused this? Why the sudden massive outpouring of support for the Senator from Vermont whom only a year ago became a household name? It’s aside from his record the past thirty years. It’s aside from his compassionate attitude evident in each of his speeches. No, there is certainty more to this than meets the eye.

Rewind to 1963. In the early sixties, the country was on the verge of a catastrophic escalation in Vietnam, Civil Rights was a big issue, and discrimination was running rampid in our workforce and society. John F Kennedy, along with some memorable names such as Martin Luther King Jr., started a movement that really doesn’t bear a name in our country. It was a movement that I was not around for, but was aimed at uniting the people. This movement led to massive protests against the Vietnam War, unity, rights for gays and homosexuals, and even the abortion movement which became Roe V Wade.

For once, the American people were starting to unify, but when people unify, big government gets nervous. There are alot of theories behind Kennedy’s assassination that I won’t go into. Likewise, there are some with the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The fact is, the United States became divided again after the 1960s. A division not seen for the entire history of this country.

Selfish behavior became normal behavior. And with it, our political leaders began to test their limits. Use their power to blind the masses to what was really happening. It started with the 1972 presidential election, which turned into the Watergate scandal.

It then ballooned to the Iran-Contra scandal, and the controversy inherent to the September 11th attacks. The past fifty years, we have been lied to on varying scales. The Gulf of Tonkin incident that led us into the Vietnam War comes to mind. The shady dealings in Broward County FL during the 2000 Presidential election is another.

The American people have been kept in the dark for alot of our dealings as a nation. We’ve only barely scratched the surface with what we do know of the shady activities of our political leaders, even with the recent Panama Papers.

Quality of life in the United States has disminished. The minimum wage hasn’t not been raised on a federal level on nearly 15 years. Test scores for our nations students are lower and lower than each prior year. Our prisons, run by corporations, are filled with people, half of which are drug dealers that trafficked Marijuana. Pharmaceutical companies have jacked up the price on numerous medications.  Up until the past year, gas prices have skyrocketed, reaching an all time high in 2013 at nearly $4/gal national average.

Politically, our nation the past thirty years has never been more divided. The two party system has snuffed out anyone running as an Independent, Green Party, Tea Party, or any other third party candidate. The north is strong in the liberal sense, while the south remains strongly conservative.

This division, is what the oligarchy that has become our nation, has approved of. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. It was the same slogan used to indoctrinate every American after 9/11, to obey and follow our President. Lest we be called unpatriotic. This led of course to the Patriot Act, and the sham known as Citizens United. Economic policies, feeding from Bill Clinton’s Glass-Steagall act of 1999. Giving us the largest economic recession since the Great Depression, and recession that still can be felt today. Inflation which has caused rents to skyrocket, and yet further divided us.

I personally, was finished in 2004. Now, twelve years later, millions of Americans feel the same way. We are sick and tired of the interests of the rich and powerful. Sick and tired of living off salaries which are chump change to the rich, whom get richer as even more people go backrupt.

We are sick and tired of seeing our children, mothers, sisters, brothers, and fathers, sacrificed in unnecessary war to help further embellish the corporate gluttons that are our political leaders. Sick of those veterans, maimed and wounded from war, ignored and neglected as their cries and voices remain unheard. Sick and tired of being taxed and having our freedom of speech taken away, while big business pays off our political leaders and dodges our tax system.

We are all sick and tired, of the same grind, while our Social Security benefits are put in jeopardy due to political greed. Sick and tired of illegals reaping the benefits of this once great nation, and giving nothing in return. Sick of paying enormous interest rates for student loans, in order to be educated, while corporations pay next to nothing interest for government loans.

For over fifty years we have been largely ignored, jailed, prosecuted, and obstructed in our rights AS THE PEOPLE, to freely choose our political leaders and live our lives how we see fit. Fifty years of oppression and voter suppression which have diseased and poisoned our neighborhoods, and communities. Indoctrinated and dumbed down the education of the average American, and quite frankly, WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

This movement, behind a candidate who has shown he is working for the American people, not simply working the American people, exemplifies how we are done sitting back and letting corporate greed steer our country to disaster. We want our country back, this is why we have so united together for the first time in nearly fifty years. We are done, done with the games. This is our nation, and we will keep writing, keep donating, keep voting, and keep demonstratin so that our voices can be heard.

The constant games by our media to warp public opinion, have only made us stronger. Have made us grow. And now, millions strong, we continue to fight for the 74 year old Senator from Vermont whom cares about each American, as a President should. So we will continue to support our candidate, who the media says has all but lost. For once, we have a man who is Presidential material. A leader, who is doing the right thing. Bernie Sanders is the right answer to the Future of this nation. This is what you, the oligarchy, are up against.

Maybe this is the feeling that ran wild in the 1960s.



download (2)

Not that the times are very similar, however I find the music of the 60s and 70s is applying more and more to the current times.  True, there is always a degree of racism, and music has always been a pillar against the bureaucratic machine. Yet, with the media ramming Hillary down our throats, and an enormous outpouring of support for Bernie Sanders, it seems much of the music of old applies more an more towards today’s political landscape every day.

That said, those that know me personally know I am someone whom derives vivid images from some songs. The title of this article is applicable, as the song I am refering to is Pigs by Pink Floyd. (Better late than never that I finally take my father’s advice and listen to them)

This twelve minute song, after listening to it over a dozen times, provided me with some vivid visuals I’d like to share. Naturally, the political statement of this song is insinuating the Pigs in the story are the fat and wealthy bureaucrats of this nation.

The opening of the song displays to me an image of the American Flag on a sunny day, flowing in the breeze. As the song begins it shifts over to the working class in this country during their daily routine to work, whether it be walking the city streets or driving, or using the subway system. The scene shifts to the use of patriotism on us as a people. From the constitution to the pledge allegiance. Even the raising of our flag on Iwo Jima. It further goes on to show people marching thoughout the last sixty years, for civil rights, against The Vietnam War, and LGBT rights, etc…

The song changes, and with it I see our political leaders, of the last thirty or so years, on the television preaching to us. The main feature that is different however is that they all have pig snouts. As they preach, the protests become more violent, such as the LA riots in the early 1990s, and The Kent State Massacre.

Our political leaders, Kerry, Reagan, Clinton, both Bushes, Cheney, Obama, Rumsfeld, Trump, Hillary, amongst others, continue to preach as the violence continues.

Suddenly, that part of the song, after the sound of pigs squealing ends, is where the visuals get more intense. Starting with the plane crashing into the World Trade Center, to Kennedy’s Assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin Crises, the Iran-Contra scandal, Persian Gulf War,  among others begin to visualize. Admittingly, some of these are graphic, such as the wounded civilians from wars we have gotten involved in. I also see the terror alert bulletins during Bush’s time in office, the phrase “Freedom Fries”, and the “Support Our Troops” ribbon on cars.

As all of that comes to a peak, the music restarts from the beginning. This time there is an American flag flowing in the wind, however the sky is dark and it begins to rain. Soon the images of veteran’s graves and then soon after, mourning families presents itself in front of me. Quite depressing to see the children of fallen US soldiers weeping as caskets are lowered into the grave. This is followed by the thousands of soldiers maimed in three wars we’ve fought.

The song comes to a close with the White House, in my mind, before hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans walking towards it. I begin to see all the people from our progressive movement packing stadiums and fields to see Bernie Sanders speak. The venues and crowds keep getting bigger and bigger, from a small yard to Sanders recent rally in Sacramento.

Forgive me if what you have read sounds crazy, I just thought the song gave me some pretty intense visuals. Maybe history really does repeat itself. One thing is for sure though, when the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die. I think that’s the most powerful message of the song. As Americans, we have to be compassionate, and our leaders need to as well. That’s another reason why I support Bernie Sanders, you can tell he actually cares about the American people.

Now I understand what my mother meant when she said Kennedy was working to unite the country, with Bernie, you can feel it.