Broken Donkey: The Fall of the Democratic Party


The 2016 Democratic Primary has evidently showcased the arrogance and blatant disrespect for the American voter. With numerous accusations of election fraud and voter suppression, plus media coverage solely focused on Hillary Clinton, this year’s primary has been nothing short of a disaster. Democracy in the US electoral process is in shambles, and will likely become nonexistent if the current path this country is taking is still followed.

Political infighting between those who want fair elections, and those indoctrinated by the Clinton media complex, is ripping the Democratic Party in two. There are those that beg deserters of the Democratic Party to vote blue in this coming election, but it is clear those that aim to leave the party because of election fraud (myself included), will not conform. The next president of this country, rest assured, will be Donald Trump. The very man, might I add, who the Republican party realised too late is a loose cannon, and at the helm of corporate America that is to blame for our decades worth of recent wars and economic woes. Because of the corporate structure, and the sound assurance by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz that Hillary’s Super delegates will stick behind her come July, the Democratic Party is on the verge of collapse. We now are currently witnessing history, that when a people want a certain candidate and the party wants another, the party will stop at nothing to get their desired result.

Furthermore, Hillary supporters, so called die hard Democrats, are sounding more like Republicans. Adding further insult to members of the Democratic Party, by degrading themselves and desperately trying to unite Bernie’s supporters behind them. Doubtfully, these Hillary Clinton supporters don’t know she was once a Republican herself years ago, and worked under the Nixon Campaign.


Meanwhile, Super Delegates, such as Ms Burkes from Indiana above, vote for their own candidate regardless of the fact Bernie Sanders won the state. With all of them throwing their weight behind Hillary  (Ms Burke’s worked in 1996 on the Clinton campaign), they further disregard respectful communications from ordinary citizens. These people assume they are above the law, and frankly they are.


Furthermore, letters, such as the recent one above sent by Senator Sanders, have gone largely ignored by the DNC Chair. Thus further exemplifying the biased amount of support for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. With a 55%/45% voter balance, the amount of Super Delegates backing Hillary Clinton is over 90%.

This approach has led to some Democrats in the party to cry foul against Sanders, as they feel Hillary is decimating the Senator. Once again, this hasn’t been, nor is still not the case. The Hillary biased media tries to label Bernie supporters as rude, crude, and disrespectful in the spotlight. Naturally, this causes Hillary supporters, indoctrinated by the corporate media and news papers, to unnecessarily blame all Bernie Sanders supporters of solely splitting the party. A wonderful illusion, in a contest that shows Bernie will consistently defeat Trump in a general election, where as Hillary struggles.

This approach, is causing the further division and destruction of the Democratic Party. So that anyone deemed a Bernie Sanders supporter is a disruptive non party conformist or even worse. In other words, those who don’t fall in line are not worth even working with, and thus attacked relentlessly by Hillary’s biased supporters, as seen below.


Defending their candidate, Hillary supporters have begun to sound more like the Republicans they despise. Ironic, judging from the title of the group they are commenting on.

Here are their responses below:





These people so believe what the media has been telling them, that they’ll swear their lives by their blinded agenda.



The two party system is dead.



2 thoughts on “Broken Donkey: The Fall of the Democratic Party

  1. First of all, THANK YOU!
    Second, considering current general election polls showing Sanders defeating Trump by ‘significant margins’, versus Clinton losing or statistically tying with the presumptive Republican nominee, do you think the Superdelegates will elect Sanders? After reviewing the history and purpose for the DNC creating Superdelegates, to ensure nomination of the most viable candidate to win against the Republican nominee, I would think Sanders is a shoo-in, now.

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