How Hillary Clinton Just Lost The Presidency


The DNC can not face the facts, and the longer they refuse to face them, the worse it gets. In the lastest episode of the 2016 Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton went on record to say “There is no way I am losing” the Democratic Nomination, further adding that she will not participate in a California debate against Bernie Sanders.

In this newest chapter of the fiasco which has become the Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton has offically doomed her campaign. It’s aside from the blantant lies she has misguided the American people with. It’s aside from the Benghazi and Clinton Foundation allegations, among other scandals which have plagued her campaign. It’s even aside from the false accusations that Bernie’s supporters are violent crowds threatening the entire party. Furthermore, it is even beyond now, the total lack of respect Hillary has displayed to millions of American voters nation wide, by essentially remarking their votes no longer matter, by saying she is assured the Democratic Nomination.

It goes further than that, particularly towards the constant facts that she is rapidly fading in the polls to a man whom is running a hate campaign. The American people are only getting more and more outraged everytime she opens her mouth. Safe to say, the more she talks, the more even corporate media journalists are starting to call her out recently. Shocking to say the least, seeing as the media is still trying to do a blackout on the masses the Sanders campaign is gathering.

The actions of Hillary Clinton are similar to those of a child who is desperate to end a game of chess due to time constraints, while their opponent has positioned their pieces well to take the victory. The complete lack of respect from a candidate who is campaigning for votes, but essentially telling millions of voters in NJ, CA, ND, SD, Puerto Rico, and others their vote no longer matters, is astonishing. This type of behavior is what will easily give Trump a Presidency in November.

There are three main factors which have all but sealed Hillary’s loss:

Half the Democratic Party has been alienated due to the actions of the DNC and Wasserman-Schultz, along with the media ignoring Bernie Sanders and spreading lies about violence. That number is only growing. The #BernieOrBust movement is real, thousands of registered Democrats will not vote for her. The people have made this completely clear, but somehow Clinton supporters don’t believe it.

Second, Trump does better than Hillary in every poll and is only improving while she gets worse. He has also been a bit more quiet recently, which might be working his benefit. Bernie on the other hand gets wider margins with Trump, and beats him everytime. Might I also add, Sanders is steadily improving.

Third, there are over 40% of the registered voters in this country listed as Independents. Independents do not do well with Hillary at all, in fact, they do better with Trump. To support that claim, Hillary has “won” all closed primaries in the country where independents can’t vote in the primary aside from Oregon. Kentucky has had complaints of voter fraud, and she barely won that too. She’s been doing worse and worse in the primaries and the cheating is becoming more and more evident.

Meanwhile, the more hot air escapes from the media and Clinton campaign, the more loyal Sanders supporters are. Donations are pouring in as Sanders supporters are continuing to aggressively fund his campaign due to the agitation caused by the Clinton camp. In one day in May alone, the Sanders campaign received one million in donations, and many supporters have stated their goal is a fifty million month. Let’s not forget, this is the same campaign which raised upwards of forty million in a month fairly recently, and set multiple campaign records.

The people have spoken, they do not want Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Her chances of this, regardless of what she says, are becoming more and more negotiable everyday. The DNC has itself to blame for the mass exodus that is likely possible from the Democratic Party later this year. The point of no return has already been passed. It was passed in Nevada this past weekend. Some could say it was past when the NY Primary was the victim of massive voter suppression. In either case, for Hillary Clinton, it is too late. Her campaign has taken too much damage from Trump and herself, by refusing to face facts and portraying arrogance on the same level as a dictator. The American people do not want, nor need a President self absorbed in themselves and their corporate agenda.

Time is up.


107 thoughts on “How Hillary Clinton Just Lost The Presidency

  1. Nicci Cornett says:

    Then her name can be taken off the ballots in all the remaining primaries since she doesn’t need the votes. She obviously thinks she has this “all wrapped up”, so that would be the solution. #dropoutHillary

  2. shannon says:

    Trump will beat Hilary..but not an independent ..and you know id rather vote Bernie than matter…

      • Jamie Antonich says:

        Bernie is not a communist. please educate yourself on what a socialist democracy is. It’s not very different from what we used to have before Big Corporations swooped in and stole this country from us, and then paid little to no taxes. We’re you’re done educating yourself on a socialist democracy, then educate yourself on what an Oligarchy is…………….that’s what we have now.

      • David says:

        Bernie Sanders has tons of Democrats, independents, and even some Republicans behind him. He would have all of the Democrats behind him if he takes the nomination. Sanders already has solid support going into the general that no amount of Trump mudslinging will change. You can fantasize about Trump beating him, but that’s all it is.

      • David Nelson says:

        You really should learn the difference between Communism and Socialism. They are not the same. On top of that, Bernie is only partly Socialist since he supports quite a few Capitalist goals. Makes it look like you’ve never read a book.

      • OMG what a waste of air you are.
        You just regurgitate bullshit and sound like the low IQ people your Fascist leader so proudly praises he loves. Because only stupid people would even think that this spoiled rich kid with the vocabulary of a 5th grader is anything buy a narcissistic sociopath.
        When you people open your mouths ( or type ) you just prove to the rest of the civilized and educated world how ignorant you are.
        Maybe you should just go back to your trailer in bum fuck Arkansas and drink a beer and scratch your balls ( yes I know you are female but it still fits) . That is about all you have the brain capacity to do.
        And to waste more of my time on your dumb ass, we already have socialist programs in place, your fat inbred children go to public schools, when you burn your trailer down from cooking your meth, socialist fireman come put it out. And when your husband beats you even more stupid than you are, well the socialist cops come save your toothless fat ass. And than there are things you probably never heard of call libraries. And in some parts of America there are paved roads and highways not just dirt mud roads.
        So, yeah, your comments are so smooth that the rest of us with an IQ over 40 can just sit back and laugh at how sickeningly stupid you Trump supporters are.

      • Austin says:

        Why don’t you show the world how smart you are. He’s a democratic socialist. Look it up in the dictionary.

      • Cheriamee says:

        Educate yourself on Communism please for the sake of America. Your comments make Americans look stupid abroad.

      • That’s the dumbest response I’ve seen yet. Bernie’s not a commie. Educate yourself, it just sounds stupid. Sorry. It’s apples & oranges, the kind of socialism Bernie is has zero relevance to the commie type your referring to.

  3. Nata Koerber says:

    None of Sanders ideas will be implemented with a Trump administration. Ready to embrace bigotry and facism?

    • That’s a mighty big assumption. Pretty sure “working class” folks don’t want to give up more of their paycheck and are competent enough to know all of Sanders “free” programs have to get paid by someone.

      • Please… No one will be giving up more of their paychecks. Maybe pick up a book or do an internet search on where your tax dollars are currently going. 59 percent and change to the military to continue to destabilize the world and put our sons and daughters in harms way for corporate greed. That is 10 times more than is spent on all social services!
        If you bothered to actually research facts prior to opening your mouth and spewing regurgitate bullshit, you would know that he would probably increase all taxes across the board. Very slight for those of us who are working class with benefits that would greatly increase our ability to save money. Yet tax the shit out of the greedy corporations and tax whores like the Waltons and the oil companies and people like Trump who brazenly admits he avoids pay taxes and works hard to find ways not to while living like a king by screwing anyone he can.
        He would also cut wasteful bureaucratic programs. Nothing is ” Free” just appropriate fairly and just. No more tax havens and loopholes for the few and great benefits that all working and sick and poor should be entitled to. Everyone pays taxes dipshit. Even if they are dirt poor. Everything is taxed and we get didly shit for it. France pays less per child in school for lunch programs and the kids get a four course nutritionally balanced meal, learn table manners, and eat 5 star food. You can fly to Madrid, Get a hip replacement, first class, rent an apartment for two years, than get another, and fly back to the states for the same cost as one hip replacement in the USA.
        We have the highest cost of prescription medicine in the Westernized world and the highest childhood poverty rate. We have one of the lowest quality of life ratings as well as lowest in education. Highest in mass incarceration, in deaths caused by police, and in whacked out religious freaks.
        We need to start getting something for what we pay and the rich need to start paying their share.
        No one in this country should be dying due to lack of care, no one should leave college to live with mom in the basement for 15 yrs to pay back tuition. People should not have to work 80 hours a month to afford a two bedroom apartment because Wall Street caused a crash and is now buying all the property and running massive property management companies leaving millions without affordable housing after bailing these scum out. (( oh and one of the biggest management companies which was a Wall Street investment just sold to China for billions and now over 350,000 rentals in areas like Portland, San Fran and Seattle are owned by China and a small handful of people got filthy rich while millions are homeless or struggling to afford rentals. And guess what these assholes will pay in taxes you dumb bitch? )
        Some people are just too fucking stupid to even be allowed to walk among the rest of us.

      • Lisalisa says:

        Umm raise my taxes to pay for health insurance that I won’t have to pay for out of pocket? Seems a win win to me. I just lost my job insurance to overseas…would still have health insurance under Bernie’s plan. Please please use common sense.

      • Damien says:

        No one’s getting “free” stuff. I take it you don’t mind paying extra in taxes for the taxes the wealthy and corporation don’t pay huh? Trump is named in the Panama papers 3400 times and whereas Hillary may pay her taxes she’s has no problem her wall street, pharma, and oil company donations skipping out on theirs. This is how we fund “free” public college tuition and healthcare. But I guess you’d rather pay welfare for the already well of and wealthy than for the sick and the poor. If you make $50,000yrly you only pay $36 towards food stamps that people actually need so if I have to pay a little more taxes for my children and yours for an education that won’t put them in debt so be it. We need it, the amount of people voting for Trumps proves this lol.

    • timmy says:

      we already fund wars across seas, isreal south korea afghanistan egypt syria are all getting our money already. i am willing to pay for some home improvements for once instead of paying for my neighbors lawn. we “lost” a plane that would more than up our home game nobody baulks. billions spent on Afghanistan infastructure and iraq infrastructure nobody baulks. talk about community college for high school grads….we blow a gasket. talk about helping the homeless, we throw a temper tantrum. egypt caught selling the arms we gave them to terrorists? no problem. #mobile sarcasm font needed

  4. Folks on both sides of the aisle aren’t happy, period. But also, Hillary is running on The Obama Presidency and the extremist tendencies that have erupted in the party during the last 8 years. Folks are getting pretty angry at them…I was so angry that I changed my party ( I was a life long Democrat and even an Elected Delegate in 1984) from Dem to Independent and finally to Republican. And I will vote a straight Republican ticket in November. I didn’t leave the Party but it sure as heck left me out …IN THE COLD!

    • Space Norman says:

      So .. You’re a former democrat who’s going to vote straight republican because of democrat extremism? And this as the presumptive republican nominee touts plans for walls, deporting Muslims, eluded to defaulting on the debt ? Hard to imagine what “extremism” could be behind such a change of heart. I think you’re either completely clueless – or lying through your teeth. I’m not sure which is worse.

      • Jason Ryan says:

        Agreed, sounds like one of those lying trolls. There is no good reason to vote a straight repub ticket.

    • So after 8 years of the republicans blocking anything from getting out of Congress, including bills that would have helped homeless vets, sick vets and those who were disabled trying to get retrained..your solution is to join their party and vote them back in? I can see you were a “Wallace era” dem….so glad you’re going over to were the rest of the racists and bigots are. We don’t need people like you screwing up this party.

    • Gail Cummings says:

      This is one election I will not vote republican, noway will vote Trump.I would rather write in Micky Mouse than have Trump.

  5. Nata, Congratulate yourself because your attitude is the reason that this longtime Democrat and Elected Delegate to The Democratic National Convention in 1984 is No Longer A Democrat! Take a bow!

  6. Sue MacDonald says:

    Excellent points and facts to back it up. Definitely a positive message Bernie supporters need right now, because like me, I’m worried about our future. I don’t want everything Bernie has created to be absorbed and ignored by the DNC, I don’t want all of our hard work to turn into hard work for the DNC and ultimately Clinton, I want him to continue to lead us by virtue of a 3rd party. Why should we concede to Hillary when she is the antithesis of Bernie and what we all stand for? Time will tell!

    Oh…not to be nit picky, but if you’re going to publish a column and be taken seriously, what you have to say should be presented flawlessly or people will dismiss it. Your grammar needs some tweaking. Can you tell I’ve been taking a LOT of masters classes and have been handing in papers?

    • C Gregory says:

      I don’t have a master’s or a college education. Grammar, punctuation, and left out words needed to be addressed.

  7. We are a #BernieOrBust household. We r done voting for the same sht that has led to the mass incarcerations, dying middle class, highest child poverty rate among all industralized nations. I was put up adoption from korea in the early 80s because korea didnt have the means to combat poverty. ( their economy was still recovering from a war under a dictator regime). Today, korea surpasses the US in fighting child poverty. ( its rather embarrassing for the US if u ask me). This isnt about the lack of resources but rather lack of will in priorities. As we speak,its only getting worse as the middle is getting smaller every yr. There is a class war declared by the billionaire class and they will continue to win as long as they continue to buy our politicians n presidents. Its too bad those on the top of the tier within the middle class income bracket r indifferent to what is going on cause they havent been affected by the squeeze yet. They r voting against their interests by voting for hillary but wont realize it til its too late.

  8. Monika says:

    I will only vote Bernie/Bernard Sanders. Even if it becomes a writer in. If it comes to Hillary or Trump, God help us. And please don’t ask me to vote for the lesser evil. That is like telling a drug addicted person we will help you by taking you off of Crack Cocaine and we will give Heroin instead. Please there is no lesser evil. Evil is evil. And two wrongs don’t make a right.

  9. Rebecca Vitale says:

    You people are nuts saying you will vote for Trump
    He’s a miserable son of a gun
    Doesn’t care for anyone but himself and his own
    Of course I will support Hillary .. She’s a great woman who will make a difference in the world
    Women are used to wearing many hats and she will get in and there and fight for our environment and the wildlife
    She knows and cares about these issues
    She knows what’s at stake for our planet .. She is not weak on these issues !
    Don’t be silly she’s strong and is going to be her own woman and not let the idiots run environmental policy !!!
    Obama was a failure her and she is well versed I his miserable appointments he made
    She knows policy she’s smart and a hard worker with a great heart
    You have her all upside down and backwards
    Go Hillary !

    • Who said we’re voting for Trump? I’m voting for Bernie in November, whether as the nominee or by writing him in. Your faith in Hillary protecting our environment is misplaced. She has promoted fracking around the world and taken large sums of money from the fossil fuel industry, so yes, she is weak on environmental issues. That’s in addition to being pro-death penalty, against reinstating Glass-Steagall, against single payer health care, against a $15 minimum wage, plus a record of spending 20+ years trying to move the Democratic Party to the right. I wouldn’t vote for her even if someone held a gun to my head.

    • Evan Stevens says:

      HRC is strong alright. She has been agitating for a major war with Iran for a long time and more recently suggested acts of war against Russia. Potentially another Major war and Putin takes the threat seriously enough to have issued orders for a buildup. Will you then enjoy the “Morning Dew?”

      She strong on trade too. Namely the TPP, where women earning the same wages as men will proudly take home their equal $2/hr wages with zero benefits.

      You should at least know about the candidate you think you support before ragging on the ones you are against!

      Even Trump is opposed to her war plans and the money robbing trade deals she has supported every time! And she still claims those deals are good for the US!

      Hillary now equals Trump in the White House and I’ll help see to it if Bernie drops out.

    • We want to know how she will get her policies across better than Obama. We want to know how she will win against Trump when she is going down and down in the polls? Does she know no one can afford college? I think she lives in a Washington bubble.

      • Mark Pitts says:

        Alice the #1 Reason why her favorably ratings are going down is bcuz of a dirty crooked old man don’t know his math and keeps running his mouth on old Repugnant party propaganda and the reason she will get things done is because she KNOWS how to work both sides of the aisle to accomplish that which she wants…. I’m with her….. BTW I will bet any of you Bernie bots that after June 7 in California when she wins the Nomination out right that her favorable ratings goes out the ceiling and will be double to Drumpf’s rating

    • Deb says:

      with all due respect Rebecca you certainly do not know your candidate and all she supports, i assure you the enviroment is not tops on her list

    • KJ says:

      You’re missing the point of the article, and the world unfolding around you. This is not a ‘girls stick together’ moment, or picking finalists for American Idol. If ever there was a time we needed to properly educate ourselves on our system and the players, it is now. For our children and our future, but also for our past. I’d like to think JFK, RFK, and MLK didn’t get silenced so we can play sheep.

    • gopaldas1 says:

      Tens of MILLIONS of Americans support Senator Sanders. You expect them ALL to be civil? Please stop being silly. This is serious. Why don’t you see how many documented threats to this person compare to the total number of votes already received by Senator Sanders. You’ll find the percentage is negligible. When you have a movement, it’s going to attract even some unsavory characters. Buck up, little buddy, and think a little deeper.

    • Deporodh says:

      The “documented threats” are no such thing. The only one mistaken for a theat is the voicemail in which the caller states that she “should have been hung”. Not “should be hung.” Not “will be hung.” Overblown rhetoric, sure, but since when has that stopped anyone in politics? The Clinton campaign and Democratic party accused Sanders supporters and delegates at the Nevada state convention of “violent behavior”. What? The only chair picked up was put down again when fellow Sanders supporters talked the JUSTIFIABLY angry gentleman down, and completed their peaceable actions with a hug fest.

  10. Bernie until the end. BERNIE OR BUST. Hillary and her husband is a white collar criminal and regular criminal. They have bought their way out of many things but now all has caught up with them. They are EVIL and GOD will punish them later. If DNC does not chose Sanders after this. I will boycott and never vote for Democrat. I will encourage others to vote out the Clinton cronies on election day. That’s when all the groups will combined together and start a peoples revolution. Revolution will use all resources to clean up the criminal politicians and jail them not just fine them. We will put in Attorney General’s office someone like Ted Kennedy that will not take any crap and prosecute the political criminal in jail where they belong and set the example for others to see. The groups that has been protesting at the Capital is just the few. The Revolution will be YUUUUUUUGE! I hope America does not repeat the history (Boston Tea Party, American Revolution). Remember ultimately It’s WE THE PEOPLE not we the Politicians and Rich. Politicians are suppose to serve us.

  11. Robert says:

    Benghazi? So you have adopted the fallacious Republican view? Trey Gowdy and Darrell Issa and Jason Chaffetz are persons you find credible ?

  12. Art says:

    Here is what I think. Hillary is shitting bricks – she finally sees it. Independent voters make up 45% of the voters these days. That means Democrats and Republicans make up the remaining and from that about half goes to each party (32-33% of those eligible and registered to vote in each of the Democratic and Republican parties).

    Now in a traditional presidential election, only about 50-60% of voters eligible to vote, vote in an election – leaving roughly an amount of non-voters in the population to vote, equal to that of about the number of Independent voters. You see Independents might not normally participate in an election for president, not only because rules bar them from initial participation in the election process, so quit frankly, right or wrong, they don’t normally participate in the general election process thinking that’s more of a process between the Republicans and the Democrats – and not my candidate as an Independent. (42% identify as independents, 29% as Democrats, 26% as Republicans). Party membership on both sides has been declining rapidly in recent years due to the constant partisan bickering and no work being done.

    This is a historic year because of this, and those ready to capitalize on this are part of the Sanders campaign. An unheard of majority, quite possibly the entire group of Independent voters , support Sanders. You have 45% of the country behind one candidate – something unheard of in modern times. What does this mean?

    If Sanders where to run as an Independent against Hillary for the Democrats and Trump for the Republicans, then Sanders is the next President of the United States with 45% of the popular vote in he general election come November – leaving the Democrats and the Republicans to be the ones splitting the remaining 65% of the vote amongst themselves, or about 32% each – both loosing.

    Don’t get me wrong – my first choice would be for Hillary and the DNC to get onboard with the Sanders campaign, and drop out of the race. But if not, don’t think I will be wasting my vote on her come November. I will be voting for Bernie, our next President.

  13. SmarterThanYourAverageBear says:

    Mentioning Benghazi is a mistake – there is nothing there nor has there ever been. It’s never been more than a GOP invented scandal – pure chimera. .

  14. Mike says:

    Tell me, explain to me, how voting for Hillary, rewarding someone who rigged an election, who used the worse unethical means, is the right thing to do? Tell me how voting for a woman who’s taken millions from big banks, who supported DOMA, who advocates for troops in Syria, who sent millions of guns to other nations, who supported NAFTA and wants TPP, who pushed for international fracking, and who’s BFF Scultz attacked Warren is voting for the best in this nation?

    You honestly think after her past actions she’ll put anything but corporate or bank shills on the SCOTUS? Really? Veterans? Shit she wants to make more disabled Veterans!!! And while she’ll uphold abortion rights don’t hold your breath on equal pay or any actual minority support (she is well paid by prison corporations).

    The people see we’re being forced to vote for either a narcissistic oligarch (whom even the Koch’s like) or a narcissist corporate fascist.

    Tell me how voting for either is being a good voter? People are going to fight the broken system and try to save our Republic, not keep voting for evils that pretend to be lesser.

    And using fear to get me to vote, of either Hillary or Trump? Why the hell should I pick a bad candidate out of fear of another bad candidate? It’s supposed to be out of pride for the RIGHT candidate that you should vote, not because you’re afraid.

    I will not reward Hillary with her prize. I will write in Sanders, or should that not be an option vote for Green Party Jill Stein. My vote will count in that it will NOT reward a broken system and the unethical, greedy candidates we’re being forced to choose…again.

  15. Actually, the biggest scandal in Benghazi was disclosure of the collaboration between the State Dept ambassador and staff with the CIA that they even shared that compound with. That wasn’t supposed to get disclosed. But there’s an even longer list of foreign policy disasters that directly suck the meager tax funds left after all the tax cuts for the 1%, all for the benefit of her war and Wall St and fossil fuel profiteer lobbyists and donors. In blue and red states, she’s a waste of a vote. Maybe in purple states, you can hold your nose and do it. I don’t have to. Going Green unless it’s Bernie.

    • Joshua Allen says:

      Brilliant article! I have seen comments that if Hillary gets the nomination they will not vote. NO NO NO GO VOTE AND WRITE IN SANDERS THIS IS POSSIBLE IN THE GENERAL ELECTION! That will show Clinton who showed up to say sit and spin beach. Also, Sanders could win that way as well.

  16. Most likely there will be a contested democratic convention which will determine the heart and soul of the democratic party. The question is: Are we social democrats or Wall St. democrats? Let’s review the democratic party platform: and ask ourselves: Which candidate’s policies and actions reflect who we say we are? #FeelTheBern #BernieOrBust #ShesNotADemocrat

  17. Classical Gas says:

    Good article. I’d like to add a note here:

    No matter what else you decide to do come the General Election, get out and vote for the down ticket Progressives at the local, County and State level! This is critical.

  18. Bo Yerxa says:

    It is incredibly encouraging that so many folks have honed a keener political analysis through supporting Bernie, who is my choice in this election. I’ve been an engaged citizen long enough to have volunteered in the Presidential campaigns of three candidates named “Barry,” and to have supported two “Third” political parties (1976 & 1996), even as I’ve most often supported progressive candidates and policies within the Democratic Party. I believe I have a good sense of the frustration and impulses reflected in several of your shared posts.
    Please do not make Perfect the enemy of Good within the context of this Presidential primary. If Bernie fails to gain the nomination – regardless of “fixes” or dirty tricks – if we love our nation/planet we MUST discipline ourselves and continue to advance a popular progressive agenda though whatever means are available. With the Clintonista cohort aging out, the structure/mechanisms of the Democratic Party are favorable for Bernie supporters, particularly the under-40 set. Making meaningful, lasting change is NOT a one-time shot…it takes engagement, effort and persistence.
    While obviously open to the notion of Third parties, practically I feel that at present would be the same as not voting and not voting at such a critical time on earth a sin of omission. As much as we want Bernie, we – and he – want to avoid having Trump, the Koch Bros & their ilk appointing 2-3 Supreme Court justices.

    A President’s term is 4-8 years, but three Supreme Court justices can easily serve a combined 60-75 person-years, and we want justices serving us who have forward-thinking mind-sets and liberal-progressive contextual frames.These will not come from a Republican President at this point in time.
    One might feel temporarily relieved -or even virtuous – to say “A pox on both their houses.” I’ve done it. But at this historical time and place, with our eyes open to the political and socioeconomic levers of power and the peril this election poses to democracy, it would seem immoral not to continue the insurgency into the Fall, regardless of the outcome of the Convention. So in the short term – tactically – we carry on the fight against the worst of the Right in the General Election.
    That’s my perspective.Peace & Out.

  19. I’m a Bernie “Ride or Die” chick, straight up!
    I would rather rip my own face off than vote for Hillary. She is the living embodiment of everything I despise. If there IS an antichrist, it’s definitely her!
    I’ll be BernieOrBust until we finish what the Bernster started…

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  21. The horrible truth may be the choice between Donald Trump picking Supreme Court Justices and Hillary Clinton starting a nuclear war with Russia.
    Hillary wants a no fly zone over Syria which would mean shooting down Russian jets. Hillary wants Crimea AND Sevastopol handed back to Ukraine to that a NATO nuclear armed fleet can replace the Russian home port of its fleet for around 300 years.
    If Trump is smart he’ll did up what she did as Secretary of State with the Coups and bring back LBJ’s “Daisy Ad” from 1964.

  22. even if Bernie says he will support Hilary, I will NOT! I will vote Bernie Sanders & if enough of us do, not only will we send a clear message to the corrupt electoral system but if we all band together & outnumber the votes for the other candidates that could be the fuel we need to force changes in our electoral system! I’m sure the electoral college will still over rule our votes but with the fact that we refused to support either candidate, we would have the momentum to force a new revolution! The corporate money will not willingly give up their strangle hold on our government! We will have to take it back! Peacefully, if they don’t attack us, but don’t be surprised when they do! YES I DID SAY IT! The revolution has already started! We can not let it die until we the people have some control of our government!

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  24. In 2008 Hillary tempted Fate, infamously relishing THIS morbid fact, by way of explaining her dogged persistence: “Anything could happen. We all remember Bobby Kennedy was shot in June [1968].” Now she speaks for Fate, apparently. This is Hubris, the essential component of Tragedy. I do not fantasize about Hillary’s assassination, but I do desire her political bafflement and the repudiation of Clintonism. There are many ways (other than death) she WILL NOT BE THE NOMINEE. 1) Indictment, 2) a second convention ballot since both candidate will fall short of the “magic number.” 3) The superdelegates review the facts and decide they want to beat T-rump. 4) A Velvet Revolution in which millions of people nationwide stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!—

  25. My premise is the both parties offer Neoliberalism and Neo-conservatism with slight variations to divide the masses, so both vary on how it is to be achieved, but the end product is the same. This is a good article even if only because it is biased to my liking.

  26. Bob Sitzwohl says:

    California voters must register to vote by Mar 23. If you believe you are No Preference, check online! If you are not, reregister. If you are, You must contact the county registars office by either sending in written and signed note requesting a One Time Democratic Ballot and surrender your old ballot at your voting precinct, or go in person to the registrar. take your old ballot.

  27. Jon jackson says:

    Bernie dosent have a chance of getting nominators. Even though I like him cant you soar losers see what your doing is only halping that hateful ,egotistical, narsacitic isiot Trump to get elected wake up and come together as a democratic paety and support Hilliary before you wake up the day after the election and find out you got incompedant Donald Trump elected. How would you like that hateful jackass for the next four years.

  28. C Greg Harte says:

    Life long true democrat here . Seems to me that the lessor of two evils would be Trump if it were between Trump and Clinton . As ignorant as he can be .. most agree ” what you see is what you get ” a known evil. The Clintons are smarter and it would seem never honest about much. It is amazing that both the democrats are republican candidates are revolting against establishment politicians . Sanders of course is the most true and honest . ( Perhaps the country is not ready for someone who is this good , who has integrity over decades and consistency without flip flops and major lies ) But if we are left with Trump and Clinton . I’d give Trump the job for four years . He would at least try to run the county like a buisness ( His Ego would make him be devoted to his success and as we can see much of his antics are ” theater ” He will / would have to make many concessions to move think forward to Make America great again. I am still contributing to Bernie each month in case Clinton folds or is indicted by FBI , and because Bernie /Warren are on the right track for the future . Can never ever support a Clinton agenda again . It is never real – anything they do or say . So never ever ever #neverhillary and #Berenieorbust

  29. OMG. This article is incredibly naive. IF you really think the Clinton campaign is over, you do not understand a thing about how American politics works. The Clinton’s are among the “Untouchable” class. They would have been in jail a long time ago if we had a functional justice system. The Clinton’s are well connected to powerful people who keep them protected from prosecution. They will no more be brought down from not participating in a CA debate than they were from the NV fiasco where they blatantly stole the election. Its time for all of us to realize that people like the Clinton’s are above the law, as are their wall street backers. The only thing that will stop them is an uprising by the common people. We must all come together and rise up to take back our world. We outnumber them!

    • You can only be “above the law” when things are private, her case is too public to avoid, there is over 100 agents investigating her case. They dont do that for nothing. She has to be made an example of.

  30. The Red Baron says:

    Doug W…you contradict yourself…you spend 4/5ths of a post talk I NG about how “unbeatable” and “unconquerable” the Clinton’s are; then you turn around and say…the ONLY thing that will stop them is an “uprising” of the people! I’m grateful you came to that conclusion, because before that—I was led to believe–you sounded like a defeatist! Look around you…this is not a “B” movie of the French Revolution….THE REVOLUTION IS ALREADY…HERE!

  31. mark says:

    @ Jamie Antonich , please reconsider ” educating ” as this is a republic , and there is no place for socialism in a republic , how so many people think this is a democracy is sad , there is a big difference.

  32. Pingback: How Hillary Clinton Just Lost The Presidency

  33. Today, I think I have heard the cruelest remark ever by Hillary Clinton ! She said her grandchild is better then Bernie’s grandchildren because they were adopted ! Have any of you ever heard a more vicious hurtful remark? I sure haven’t !


  35. Jen says:

    living in a bubble of luxury and entitlement has led to Hillary’s dictator like behaviors. No different from Qaddafi of Libya. He wasn’t born a dictator with odd entitlement behaviours. They were built up in the span of 50 yrs in power as a dictator. Of course, the paradox which led to the end of his life was Hillary’s direct involvement to topple his regime as then Secretary of State. but then only for her to become more like the man who she despised is the ironic tragedy. Primaries and general elections are like the dating phase. The candidates woo and charm us to sway our votes. Once elected, the honeymoon is over and their true colors come out. We can expect more of Hillary’s hawkish dictator like behaviours if elected.

  36. Roland Brisebois says:

    False equivalencies are being drawn between the actual violence being displayed at Trump rallies and events and the overblown, exaggerated, and misleading reporting of so called violence at the DNC Nevada event. The righteous ire of many of the participants who were being belittled and taunted by Barbara Boxer for being Bernie supporters was not violence. One Bernie supporter Picked up a chair…. and put it back down. I’ve always had at least a modicum of respect for Mrs Boxer, but I guess powerful people don’t show their true character until they are thwarted. Bernie supporters don’t balance the Sanders/Trump scales.

  37. Margaret Garcia says:

    If Hillary and her supporters are so concerned about Trump winning the election she should drop out. Bernie Sanders has the best chance to beat him because all those disenfranchised people, the 125,000 who were taken off the rolls in NY in one burrow alone with the 3 million who could not vote for lack of Democratic party affiliation. WILL be voting. Hillary IS NOT THEIR CANDIDATE OF CHOICE.

  38. Pramendra Gupta says:

    Every Thing is told By Mr Barack Obama ji in briefly : “endorses Hillary Clinton for president: “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.”Rather I claim it as my lines …25 years in Government policy 40 years with Bill Clinton family (smallest unit of society) …lastly …I do not think such an experienced candidate will be there in race

  39. Ok, so riddle me this. Just out of curiosity. Can Obama stop the FBIs indictment of Hillary? That seems to be what’s going on here, bc she’s clearly, blatantly guilty as sin on many accounts. If you’ve any doubts, refer to the group called Anonymous’s latest manifesto called: ‘Hillary’s dirty little secrets.’ It’s a list that goes on & on detailing all her ignorance, crimes against our countries & others. Not to mention up to 80+ unexplained deaths of countless people & officials that were witness to these many crimes & conspiracies. So after checking out their post, please tell me why again our tax dollars are paying hundreds of FBI Agents to investigate HRC, if it’s all just gonna get squashed at Obama’s bidding? I’m voting Bernie Sanders bc simply put, he’s the only one that can save our country & maybe even the whole world! 😃

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