How Hillary Clinton Just Lost The Presidency


The DNC can not face the facts, and the longer they refuse to face them, the worse it gets. In the lastest episode of the 2016 Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton went on record to say “There is no way I am losing” the Democratic Nomination, further adding that she will not participate in a California debate against Bernie Sanders.

In this newest chapter of the fiasco which has become the Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton has offically doomed her campaign. It’s aside from the blantant lies she has misguided the American people with. It’s aside from the Benghazi and Clinton Foundation allegations, among other scandals which have plagued her campaign. It’s even aside from the false accusations that Bernie’s supporters are violent crowds threatening the entire party. Furthermore, it is even beyond now, the total lack of respect Hillary has displayed to millions of American voters nation wide, by essentially remarking their votes no longer matter, by saying she is assured the Democratic Nomination.

It goes further than that, particularly towards the constant facts that she is rapidly fading in the polls to a man whom is running a hate campaign. The American people are only getting more and more outraged everytime she opens her mouth. Safe to say, the more she talks, the more even corporate media journalists are starting to call her out recently. Shocking to say the least, seeing as the media is still trying to do a blackout on the masses the Sanders campaign is gathering.

The actions of Hillary Clinton are similar to those of a child who is desperate to end a game of chess due to time constraints, while their opponent has positioned their pieces well to take the victory. The complete lack of respect from a candidate who is campaigning for votes, but essentially telling millions of voters in NJ, CA, ND, SD, Puerto Rico, and others their vote no longer matters, is astonishing. This type of behavior is what will easily give Trump a Presidency in November.

There are three main factors which have all but sealed Hillary’s loss:

Half the Democratic Party has been alienated due to the actions of the DNC and Wasserman-Schultz, along with the media ignoring Bernie Sanders and spreading lies about violence. That number is only growing. The #BernieOrBust movement is real, thousands of registered Democrats will not vote for her. The people have made this completely clear, but somehow Clinton supporters don’t believe it.

Second, Trump does better than Hillary in every poll and is only improving while she gets worse. He has also been a bit more quiet recently, which might be working his benefit. Bernie on the other hand gets wider margins with Trump, and beats him everytime. Might I also add, Sanders is steadily improving.

Third, there are over 40% of the registered voters in this country listed as Independents. Independents do not do well with Hillary at all, in fact, they do better with Trump. To support that claim, Hillary has “won” all closed primaries in the country where independents can’t vote in the primary aside from Oregon. Kentucky has had complaints of voter fraud, and she barely won that too. She’s been doing worse and worse in the primaries and the cheating is becoming more and more evident.

Meanwhile, the more hot air escapes from the media and Clinton campaign, the more loyal Sanders supporters are. Donations are pouring in as Sanders supporters are continuing to aggressively fund his campaign due to the agitation caused by the Clinton camp. In one day in May alone, the Sanders campaign received one million in donations, and many supporters have stated their goal is a fifty million month. Let’s not forget, this is the same campaign which raised upwards of forty million in a month fairly recently, and set multiple campaign records.

The people have spoken, they do not want Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Her chances of this, regardless of what she says, are becoming more and more negotiable everyday. The DNC has itself to blame for the mass exodus that is likely possible from the Democratic Party later this year. The point of no return has already been passed. It was passed in Nevada this past weekend. Some could say it was past when the NY Primary was the victim of massive voter suppression. In either case, for Hillary Clinton, it is too late. Her campaign has taken too much damage from Trump and herself, by refusing to face facts and portraying arrogance on the same level as a dictator. The American people do not want, nor need a President self absorbed in themselves and their corporate agenda.

Time is up.


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