Together We Stand


When the government fails to represent the interests of the people, the people must stand up against the government.

As we draw closer to the final primaries, and the convention in July, we are seeing something rather extraordinary. The 2016 political landscape in the United States can list many words on its resume. Some words that come to mind are unusual, incredible, appalling, mind-boggling, eye-opening, outrage, comical, desperation, deception, allegation, corruption, and unbelievable, among others.  The main factor behind this, is in truth, the emerging younger generation. A generation which is tired of the same monotonous flow that has infected our society for over half a century now…

It is no small accomplishment, that Bernie Sanders has been immensely successful recruiting millions of young voters into his circle. Senator Sanders is smart enough to know that the political movement we are witnessing now is way more than just one man. It is also something not seen similarly in this country, perhaps since our own independance from Great Britain. It is certainty not a movement that comes around every year, and we all know it.

Win, lose, or draw, Bernie Sanders and the army of Democratic Socialists behind him, have changed everything forever. The more the movement, or revolution continues, the more of a lasting impact it will leave for future generations.

Just this past weekend, Bernie Sanders once again shattered records. On his own anniversary, the candidate drew tens of thousands of young voters in not one, not two, but three different rallies! All in one day. Then, yesterday, Oakland had a record breaking showing, with over 60,000 people crowding the main square for a chance to see the Democratic Socialist. How many political candidates do you know can clog streets all around a square full of people? Even in his best rallies, Barack Obama could only muster about 30,000 people in his 2008 presidential campaign.

Bernie doubled that. Everyday, the rallies keep getting bigger and bigger, while the news continues to stay silent. Yet, the truth is out there, and everyday, more and more of us are taking notice.

The American people are slowly becoming more and more aware of a government that refuses to tell us the truth. Refuses to keep us informed. A government that prefers politicians who show their true colors, when asked to debate on national television. True paper tigers, one who can’t keep her word for a fourth debate, and is now running back to California to prevent a slaughter to her campaign. Another, a bureaucrat, who has a big mouth to accept a challenge, and then makes excuses to hide the fact he’s a coward. To top it all off, even when the scales are tipped in their favor, they still refuse out of simple fear. Fear they will be found out. The fact is, these bags of wind have already been exposed. The gig is up. They’re both the same.

Clinton and Trump are afraid, and they should be. The populace of this nation is through with the favoritism geared towards the rich and their corporations, which have taken advantage of the good hard working American for decades now. They should be scared, of the millions of young voters out there, with no loyalty to either the Democratic or Republican parties. Two parties no longer serving the people. Not to mention nearly half the voting populace is registered as Independents, a number growing everyday.

We are the very people who will be in control, as the older generations come to pass. It will be us who will guide this country, and make it a nation for more than two corrupt political parties.

Can you hear it? We the people, are coming. We are coming together, to work as one. Something the establishment is very afraid of. We are coming for our jobs, we are coming for our futures and the futures of our children. We are coming for equal rights and pay. Coming for our pensions and medical coverage. We are coming, for the very thing the US Constitution has promised for us. We are fighting for our freedoms, our livelihoods, our rights. Alas, we will win.

The press and their friends can twist the news all they want, but the truth is out there. The establishment can rig all the elections they want, but it won’t change the fact that more people voted against an oligarchy, than for it. The politicians in Washington can insult us all they want, yet we will still support our candidate. The DNC can ignore our voices, but it is our voices that will be heard, and that the pages of history will remember.

We will together, as one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all; will make America the land of the people.

This is exactly what the establishment is afraid of. They can’t deal with it. Strength in numbers. We are the ones with real power. Why do you think they have tried to keep us divided for so long?

The time has ended for silence, and everyday more and more people are waking up and noticing. This change is much bigger than this election. It is the story of the people of this nation coming together to say no to the corrupt officials in charge. To put an end to it. This is the movement Bernie Sanders has started. This is the movement that has changed everything.

Even if the worst happens, the masses involved in the political process now are huge, and frankly, are unprecedented. The millions of us that are now a part of this great struggle are just the beginning of what is to come. It will be our majority that will eventually take the reins. It is only a matter of time.

The people have spoken. We will not be silenced. We will keep fighting. If the establishment tries to silence us, we will speak louder. If the bureaucracy keeps pushing, we will push harder. It is our jobs to always remember this, and to always remind those beside us that our cause is winnable, and will not be in vain. We will win, together.

As sure as a steady march down Main Street America. As sure as the wind. We are coming.

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We are coming for you.


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