The Ugly Face of Greed


Ladies and gentlemen, we are now at our next phase. The phase now, that the establishment has offically rigged an election in favor of a morally and ethically corrupt politician, and ignored the will of the American people. As expected, the cancellation of exit polling by the mass media, was the beginning of the voter fraud committed in California and New Jersey yesterday. It has offically ballooned to the point now where even an independent exit poll company is providing suit against the results in California for being roughly 16% off from their exit poll. This isn’t democracy, this is totalitarianism.

So what is the plan now? With so many disillusioned, one may think that the #BernieOrBust movement is fading. This however is not the case. Now is the time for us to unite, stronger than ever. To give in is to allow the establishment to win, that can not happen. We have to make it so.

But how you ask? Bernie himself has already taken the reins of this movement and addressed this, we must stick with him to the convention, and beyond even, as we have come too far to give up. All the examples of voter suppression and fraud witnessed yesterday, are provided in the slides below. We must not tolerate this. We must all stand together and announce to the establishment, we will not tolerate it.

Now is the time we must stay level headed. The truth is out there, and yesterday was exceptionally clear as to how rigged this election is. The California and New Jersey primaries were not only an insult to the intelligence to those living in the states, but also an insult to every citizen in the civilized world. It is our job to make sure the establishment knows the blantant wrong doing they have committed against the voters of this country, and we will do that. The right way, under Bernie’s guidance, and the guidance of our fellow revolutionaries, who like us, are done with the corrupt two party political system that has horded our government for far too long.

This is how we will get our message across. Not with violence, but with more protests and legal challenges to authority. We must continue to press forward for the sake of not only ourselves, but for our children, and grandchildren. To push back at a media and establishment that says it’s okay to slant public opinion through indoctrination, while fining the average voter for taking a picture of a ballot. To continue to stand up against an oligarchy which prefers to send our children to war, and not college. An establishment that can care less about the people they govern. We have all learned so much about the integrity of the leaders of this country, and now it has become a necessity that we say, no more.

This movement has become bigger than anyone has ever anticipated. It’s made us second guess some of our core beliefs. About everything our country has gotten involved in for decades. We the people are finally waking up, and we must fight on to keep trying to wake others up. Every day, our numbers grow. This movement is what the establishment fears. It scares them more when their attempts to demonize us come to nothing. That is why we must remain peaceful.

Things are always going to get worse, before they get better. Yet I ask, what is life without challenge?

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Keep posting. Refuse to be silent. Continue to tell the world the crimes that are happening against us voters. Always stand beside one another, we are in this for the long run. We are in this together.


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