Now that we know the path the DNC is willing to take, not that it’s been a big suprise before last night, we can now clearly focus on our own objectives. Before we do that however, let’s put a few things in perspective.

For one, Bernie Sanders was pressured. This pressure was what caused his change of behavior in July, in fact, his meeting with Obama in June was the news he didn’t want to hear. Bernie never sold us out, he was threatened. With political threats of access to the honorary committees he is a member of, and likely personal threats as well.

What he did was amazing however. In just fifteen months, he brought an entire generation into politics. The younger generation of this nation, the millenials, were by far his biggest base. Not for decades, if not for over a century, has the 20-30 year age bracket become so involved in our political system. That is a huge accomplishment, and there is no degree of thanks worthy to fully show appreciataction for what service Bernie Sanders has done for this country.

This brings me to my second point, yesterday’s defiance by the DNC, is still a win. In fact, going into the convention, we had a win/win scenario going. Of course, the DNC couldn’t nominate Bernie, they’re a corrupt organization, that is reminiscent of Nixon era policies on the early 70s. Coincidence? Just look at their nominee.

The fact however, that Bernie was pressured to stop the delegate count, and nominate Hillary, does a bunch of things. First, it makes the DNC look bad, which is exactly what we wanted. Secondly, it solidifies the cause and desire for an actual revolution in this country. There is no doubt in my mind the revolution is coming, whether it be next month, next year, or twenty years from now, the DNC has simply sealed its fate.  Many of those opposed to the revolution at the DNC, are of the older generation. That generation is now in the minority in the voting block, and this trend will continue as the years go by. As the younger generation takes over, the ideals of the previous generations will hinder the younger generations less and less.

That stated, the DNC has done nothing less than slap the faces of half their voter base, and spit on the morals and ethics of every Bernie delegate present. The walkout was the perfect response to the treachery the DNC clings to. As I stated months ago, this is why Trump will be President, and it is only the fault of the Democratic Party. The real treasonous pigs in this nation, are at the top of the chain, those that are meant to serve us, only seek to control us. It is a sad day in America, and the founders of this country would be ashamed of half the puppets in office we call politicians. Democracy is dead, it was wounded in the 2000 election, it was destroyed by the 2016 primaries. America does not want either an oligarch or a facist for President, but our opinions do not matter. To quote my mother:

“We have no say in who we want, they merely tell us who we can vote for.”

I can’t say it any other way, but the hell with the DNC! The hell with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz! And, the hell with the “Democratic” Party! The DNC has displayed the blantant disrespect it has for its voters, and it is time for a mass exodus from the party! We must stand up, and refuse to be part of an organization that cares nothing about the people they’re supposed to represent, and favors big business interests. That is not the America we want, nor want for our child or grandchildren.¬† Those values, of deceit, corruption, cheating, and disrespect, are not the values we share. To endorse such a candidate with those values, is to endorse a system that is both rigged and broken. This is why we will never vote for Hillary.

You can call it what you like, but the Bernie or Bust movement was never for show. You can call us children. You can call us sore-losers. We do not care. We have been awakened to the unjust system. We will not fall in line. We will accept the blame for getting Trump elected. That rests entirely on the Democratic Party, and their refusal to face facts. The DNC is to blame. It is time to leave the sinking ship, that is the Democratic Party.

So what now? What course do we take? Very tough questions I admit.

Many people suggest going Green, and voting for Jill Stein. I have heard however, that she is not on every state ballot, and it is possible she may be on the ballots of as little as 23 states.

Others have suggested writing Bernie in. In doing so, this could lead to votes being thrown out, due to the fact I’ve heard eight states do not allow write ins, primarily in the southern part of the country.

One thing is for certain, if we don’t all do the same thing, the impact we have will be significantly smaller than we need it to be. We need keep in mind, that once we split off from one another, this movement becomes alot less effective. The establishment is counting on this, as they always have. Dividing us, they win. It is up to us to stand united, and to lean on one another to keep voting out those who refuse to work for the interests of the American people.

This election will likely be remembered for a long time. The election that a good man, and presidential candidate, was cheated out of a nomination, that saw the continued dominance of the oligarchy. It may even be the election that sees the rise of facisum in this country.

What ever we decide, we have to make sure we move as a unit, together, and do the same thing. That is the power we have, unity.