Six Pink Floyd Songs That Speak for 50 Years of American Politics and Foreign Policy

maxresdefaultThey say Pink Floyd is one of the better bands to preach political activism and progressive ideology. Their album, The Wall, spent an entire decade in the top ten and with good reason. The music itself speaks to a generation of people about oppression and big government during a time when the Western world was reeling from the loss of The Vietnam War, and we were becoming involved with tensions in The Middle East.

For me, a late bloomer to the music of Pink Floyd, it has become increasingly apparent that the music itself has a much deeper meaning that legitimizes the class struggle we have seen in the United States for decades. The struggle which is still only getting worse over time.

There are six songs, all Americans should listen to atleast once in their lives.  While the order is not as important as the message, the six songs that speak to me are best heard in the order I have outlined below.

I have included the message I see when I listen to each song, for those interested.

1. Another Brick in the Wall-Part 2 (The Wall-1979)

As blantently apparent in the movie bearing the album name, this song shows the complete indoctrination of our youth by the older generations of this nation. School systems run rampid with curriculums designed to make students into obedient slaves to, in turn, condition them into workers for a capitalistic system designed to feed the bureaucrats at the top. This song shows how we are raised in a world and molded by our elders to do what we are told as society deems superservantcy for success. Trust in society, and everything else will fall in line.

2. Comfortably Numb (The Wall-1979)

This song evokes powerful images of the Twin Towers and 9/11. From the plane hitting the first tower, to the towers themselves as a symbol of capitalism and US economic strength.  The second tower is then hit, followed by more images of the skyscrapers, before the smoldering buildings shed ordinary Americans jumping dozens of stories to their deaths. Closing with the collapse of the buildings, 9/11 was a shocking revelation that hit this country for all the wrong reasons. Along with WTC 7, the Twin Towers are the only buildings to succumb to fire. 9/11 was an awakening which geared this country into war, a war we have been caught up in ever since, with only degrees of losing.

3.  Hey You (The Wall-1979)

A song of the aftermath of 9/11, isolation, and bewilderment. The American people are perplexed and desperate for an answer to the terror attacks. It was in this state of confusion, that the populace was geared to a common cause, The War on Terror, The Taliban, Al Qaeda, and Osama Bin Laden.  A narrative that seeped into the mind of every American like a poison to justify the actions to come in the Middle East, all unknowingly in the name of big business .

“Together we stand, divided we fall.”

4. Us & Them (Darkside of the Moon-1973)

A song about class warfare, the never ending battle. A poor man is depicted going to church at night for a hot meal while he tries to make it each night alone in a back alley.

A rich, well to do citizen, is given celebrity status, as she walks on a red carpet into an impressive theater. The photographers can not take pictures fast enough as she walks by.

The worth of a human being inflated, or deflated depicted by society’s perspective. All life is not equal, as ones worth becomes an obstacle of equality.

5. Pigs (Animals-1977)

The obvious fact of how American and Western civilization, has been controlled and led by an elitist establishment bent on keeping their empires over the sheep of the world. As everyday people slave away, the establishment laughs and pushes a narrative over the masses. Indoctrination runs rampid, which includes rituals of self-alligance to a government.

Class warfare is highlighted in numerous images from the civil rights rallies of the 1960s, to protests against the Vietnam War.

As governments are pushed, our political leaders, pigs, push further their manipulation of our mass media. Protests in turn become more abrasive, met by violence and force by first the government (IE: The Kent State Massacre), and then reciprocated through riots such as the LA riots in response to the Rodney King verdict. The use of force is increased with Molotov cocktails, rubber bullets, tear gas, and fire hoses.

Pretty soon it becomes apparent the narrative we are told for over 50 years is a sham.  The establishment laughs (most notably George H. W. Bush), as JFK is assassinated in 1963. Questions are raised as to everything involving the narrative of the Twin Towers collapse. The Iran-Contra scandal comes to light, Freedom Fries and Support Our Troops are words engrained into our memories as we are spoon fed a story designed to hide the truth.

All the while, our sons and daughters are sacrificed for an establishment that can care less.  Our veterans are maimed and scarred beyond recognition internally and/or externally due to wars of political and monetary gain.

As more people are awakened, a cause comes from a man who has fought against the oligarchy for over fifty years, Bernie Sanders. A political revolution erupts peacefully as the younger generations rise up to speak out. The nomination of a political figure the establishment is afraid of is stolen by an establishment warhawk, which leads to the rise of facist America under Donald Trump.

A peaceful revolution is an apparent lost cause without a class uprising.

6. Run Like Hell (The Wall-1979)

The current time, paramilitaries come into the woodwork to use force if necessary to combat domestic terrorism and oligarch rule.

In this final phase, the masses must unite against their common for who tries to manipulate and divide them. The reconstruction of the US constitution and rights back in the hands of the American citizen are the goals needed for a successful cause, goals not yet attained.


The Decay of Amercian Ideology

Capitol Storm

The world we live in today is a dangerous place. Yet, hasn’t the world always been a dangerous place?

It is the year 2017.  The landscape of the geopolitical world has changed significantly from when the US won the Cold War. Let’s rewind the clock back 25 years, to the summer of 1992. Were you alive then? Do you remember where you lived? Do you remember the happenings of the time? All to often, people remember what affects them the most. I’m sure most everyone looked at the above questions and stated some pretty good answers.

Answers about music popular during 1992

Movies popular during 1992

T.V. shows popular during 1992

Technology around in 1992

But what about the real important information. The things that actually matter the most. The events of the time which have undoubtedly influenced our path here today?

How about the cost of living in 1992?

National Events of 1992?

Worldwide events of 1992?

It is important if we want to understand the present, we must look to the past as to how we got here. In just twenty five years, this nation was has changed considerably and not for the better. From the world’s sole superpower, we have come to a point where the future is in dire shape. The end of US global domination is starting to make itself apparent. Naturally Russia and China are the leading drivers of this trend.  Most Americans however do not see this truth.  Most Americans however, do not care.

There is a reason why our math and science scores have plummeted in comparison to the rest of the world and no one here talks about it.  There is a reason why we are stuck in an endless “War on Terror”.

For some of you, you have felt as I have felt, that the winds of war are upon us and it is not looking pretty.  For unlike The Persian Gulf war of 1991, or even the Afghan and Iraq wars of 2001 and 2003, we do not know if we will win. Or maybe, if even we should win.

Life was easier in 1992, and not just because I was an 8 year old. The United States was at the pinnacle of its power. It had just defeated the USSR which had ceased to exist in 1991. It, along with a coalition of over a dozen other nations, expelled Saddam Hussein’s Iraq army out of Kuwait in a Persian Gulf War which lasted mere hours. The nation was invigorated with a sense of pride and proud national identity. We had everything. Everything.

The economy was in good shape and in the coming years, would get only better throughout the decade. Over three quarters of the world favored us over the USSR. The threat of nuclear war was the lowest it had been since the late 1940s. The cost of living was manageable, and college tuition cost an arm, but not a leg.

The feeling in this nation was one of respect, and pride. You could live your life without someone always keeping their eyes on you. Make a family for yourself without an ominous cloud in the skies above. Frankly, if you agree with this you’re probably asking yourself, “What the hell happened?”

When I was a child, I was ecstatic on how fast we obliterated Saddam’s forces in Kuwait. The feeling that had infected not only the United States, but the entire globe was one of triumphing over evil. However, there is always more than one side to the story.  A side nearly no one questioned. Rewind to 1980. In 1980 the Iraq-Iran War started in which we openly and gladly supported Saddam’s regime.  On the backend however, we were helping supply Iran with weapons on the Black Market in what is known as the Iran-Contra scandal. It should seem pretty obvious we were pitting both sides against one another in order to destabilize the whole region. Why you ask? Because it is much easier to pacify nations weak after war than it is when they are strong.

Saddam saw this, after the 1988 ceasefire which changed nothing and caused the deaths of thousands in some of the fiercest fighting since WWII. It was this which motivated Saddam to invade Kuwait, an oil exporter and ally of the US. Everything happens for a reason.

This is not to say that Saddam was right or a good guy. In fact, the man was a brutal tyrant. Yet, this does show that there is always a story behind the story we are not told.

I’ve said it before, the US has been influenced by corporate hogs and bureaucrats since the end of the Civil War. It became blantently apparent after World War II.  It became obvious with JFKs speach on secret societies. He hit the nail on the head, and that is why he was murdered.  Ever since his assassination, the US has been ruled by politicians on a payroll. Figureheads and pawns of a corrupt establishment that only seeks to get richer. It’s what got us into Vietnam, with the Gulf of Tonkin incident. It’s what caused the bombing of Lebanon in 1982. It’s what fueled the coup in Afghanistan which led to the 1979-1989 Russo-Afghan War.  It’s what caused 9/11 and the War on Terror.

We were given everything, but in 1992, without a main adversary, how can you justify a massive military annual budget? It’s no coincidence that terror attacks started on American soil soon after. The World Trade Center Bombing and the Oklahoma City Bombing come to mind here.  But as these acts are few and far between, it should be noted they helped fuel the creation of a new enemy. A terrorist enemy.  With the bombing of the USS Cole and US Embassy’s in Africa, it became more apparent their was a more general hatred for the United States.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, it was expected we would decrease our military presence worldwide. This did not happen. In fact, the opposite would happen. We deployed troops to Somolia, peacekeeping forces to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and essentially kept butting our noses in all worldwide affairs. The average soldier would say we had to, and they’re not wrong. We did, because our economy is based off a petrodollar. An economic system that is backed by oil, and not gold. As the superpower at the time, every nation had to market in dollars, and if a nation would drop the dollar, that would mean a threat to the US economy.

When was the dollar taken off the gold standard you ask? During the Nixon administration, an era which saw the rise of men such as George H. W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. Men who would influence politics for over forty years. Two of which, Cheney and Rumsfeld, would serve under George H. W. Bush’s son George W Bush in his presidency in 2001.

With the rise of domestic terror attacks during the 90s, the establishment found the perfect scapegoat for its necessary war economy for the country. This is where 9/11 comes into play. An act of war on the American people which in turn caused one of the most spectacular results in a nation. With tragedy, fear, anger, nationalism, and just a touch of misinformation, an entire nation was set on a path of superservant indoctrination. After all, it all made sense didn’t it? Osama bin Laden had to have been the man behind it. After all he was behind the bombing of the USS Cole and the US Embassies in Africa. He was quite vocal to the point where his own family had to disown him and where he was thrown out of Saudi Arabia. This was the very same man the CIA had supplied weapons to during the Russo-Afghan War in the 1980s. Now it all made sense.

Or did it?

Admittingly, like my fellow Americans, I was infuriated on what I saw on the screen, and oblivious to the master plan. We were meant to be infuriated, so that we could fall in line. Remember Freedom Fries? Mission Accomplished? Support Our Troops? Islamaphobia was ingrained into our being as the hatred of the Japanese was ingrained into the being of those alive at the time of Pearl Harbor.

Now sixteen years later we are still in Afghanistan. We spent over eight years in Iraq ousting Saddam Hussein and destroying the country to the point where the country became a shithole of poverty and war. It’s as Ron Paul stated in 2004; “We stick our noses all over the world, and we don’t expect there will be repercussions?”.

In 2002 the feeling in the United States was one of indestructability. Russia was barely starting it’s economic recovery under Putin. China was still a rising power, and the world still looked to the US as the big player on the global scale.

The American people were angry, much to the glee of the establishment. They wanted something done, and they played right into it. First by decimating a country whose government was a creation of neighboring Pakistan. The Taliban refused to give up Bin Laden, but, with the leader of the Taliban’s daughter married to her, did he really have a choice? No question the Taliban was a disgusting organization designed to keep Afghanistan down. Its opposition though in the country was repeatedly ignored by the West as their was no monetary gain to be had actually helping the Afghani people.

Now sixteen years later, Afghanistan is the drug capital of the world, just as the United States sees it’s second major rise of a drug epidemic, Heroin. Coincidence?

Something similar happened in the late 1980s and into the 1990s with the Crack epidemic. Strangely, at about the same time we were involved with the South American countries abundant with it. Once again, the game is divide and conquer. If you want to rule over a people you need to constantly keep then divided, and create infighting. Strangely enough, that also weakens a nation.

Now look where we are today. Housing and college costs are through the roof. Our standing in the world is now blatantly challenged by Russia and China. Our nation is trillions of dollars in debt due to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.  Not to mention our involvement in Syria, or Libya which I might add are two nations which had dropped the dollar prior to their wars.

These wars have raised the standard of living so high one must work two or three jobs to support themselves. People seldom travel a week at a time on vacation anymore.  Ever since the events of 9/11 the USA Patriot Act has given the government the authority to watch us like George Orwell’s 1984 predicted. Big brother. All in the name of “safely” while the very people writing the legislation are the ones who have engrained fear in our collective minds. Like the Reichstag fire in Nazi Germany. History always repeats itself.

Our educational system is in shambles and seldom brought up anymore. The dumbing down of America is complete. People are more concerned about fantasy than real life.

And on the global scale, it appears numerous nations around the world are making their voices heard. The fanatical tyrant, Kim Jung Un, in North Korea is one. Philip Duarte in the Philippines is another. Assad in Syria is also speaking out. People stateside are being subjected to more radical news stories, which boarder on fantasy, and it is starting to get people thinking.

We are at the precipice of World War III. It will take place in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, on the Korean peninsula, and in the South China Sea.

It will involve the United States, NATO, Japan, and Australia against Russia, China, Iran, Syria and others. It will be catastrophic, particularly on a US economy which is already up to its ears in debt.

I am not ashamed I am an American. I am ashamed of my Government. This country once stood as a beacon for life and liberty. Now, we are regarded increasing as the world’s greatest threat to global security. A lot can change in 25 years.