Hello and welcome.  I first created a blog regarding political issues some years back.  Sadly that blog seems to have been lost, and as such I have decided to start anew. My goal for you, the reader, is to connect and express my opinions on world affairs and happenings as they pertain to our country.  I hope you find my work insightful and interesting to read.  So please feel free to click the small black and white icon on the top of the page, to read the articles I post here, and feel free to comment with your opinions as well.

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OneVoiceReach Mission:  To, through factual evidence and from historical research, morally and respectfully discuss the present issues facing our country and the world today.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Today I read the cruelest remark I have ever read. Hillary Clinton said,”My grandchild is better then Bernie’s because his are adopted” This actually made me sick to my stomach !

  2. Yah, she’s selfish & self absorbed like that. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Her sticky fingers have been involved in more scams & war related atrocities than we’ll probably ever know. People dying all around her every decision & action, yet she doesn’t blink an eye to it. She’s all consumed with money & power..

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